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I was just about to make a new thread posting that myself. Darn it, I just made an order 2 days ago. Isn’t that the way it always works?
What are you all going to buy? Don’t forget battery re-wrap. Watched a UTube video on that a couple of weeks ago.
I like the square 10 ml or 30 ml plastic dropper bottles cause they fit a lot to a spot for single flavor mixes.
They have a huge selection of stands.
You can get a bunch of RTA and RDAs that are cheap 8-10$ and have fun with them. That’s how I discovered a couple of good ones.
Don’t forget spare tank glass for TFV4s. Ok…Thought of something I need. A mini TFV4. Have the RBA deck and no tank.
Wondering does the RBA deck fit both the mini or the regular? I’ve got to figure that out.
Also… That’s where I ordered my Avocado. Wish I knew if I should get a second.
Their Aromamizers are $$$ high in price. Go to VapeNW for those. I think that’s the best price. Post prices on Griffin and others that are popular please.

It’s mentioned in the Good Deals thread as well as another separate thread already.