Fasttech Shipping Options HELP!

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I’d like to order from FT but I want stuff this year. What’s the best option when shipping to the USA.

do the e-packet usps I’ve ordered about 30 items from them and the fastest for me is e-packet… I live in Boston


I use the same option as @quitter1 and haven’t had a problem. The longest I’ve waited is 2.5 weeks. Average is about 10 days or so. Pay attention to the “ships on” (or something similar) date that is listed on each item. This will make a big difference.


Ordered an Aromamizer Supreme on the first, got tracking and shipped the third, and so far all my track says is origin is preparing package or something to that effect. No updates since. Its been over a week i would jave thought itd make it to cali by now at least. My last order was much faster. I chose epacket usps each time so whats the hold up this time?

I always use the USPS epacket option. I usually get my orders in 2 weeks when I order things that are “in stock” or “ships next day”.

My guess is it will update after it shows up at your door. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That sounds about right in my experiences with ordering stuff from China!

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