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Favorite e juice for the holidays


What’s everyone’s favorite juice for the holiday? My favorite is strawberry eggnog.


I have been stuck on this mix. Can’t seem to put it down.


I’ve got a couple right now, and a couple that are still works in progress for the holidays lol.


How do you link recipes? Is it just like normal linking?


Adapted and saved 2 of those. Looks delicious!


Which two lol the vendetta clone isn’t mine, I honestly didn’t think it would be good either with 4% sweet cream but it works for some reason lol


Vendetta and dutchie


If you go to the bottom of your recipe it will say short URL, you copy paste that link, unless your recipe is private, if it is but you still want to share it click the wrench on the recipe and go to “share URL privately” click it and then copy paste that link


You can paste any link on a new line to get a preview


Thanks @Fishaddict420 and @Suomynona


I started playing with tobacco a couple weeks ago. I don’t know if I’m just bored of regular recipes/flavors or I should blame the time of the year/holiday/weather?

I don’t know but that’s what I’m vaping, it’s not even xmas inspired either, since I don’t buy most seasonal flavors.

Oh wait I did buy (vta) xmas pudding I threw some tobacco in, but it still needs to steep a week or two. I’ll let you know by new year :rofl:


This is the best eggnog I’ve found. Very good after a week, and perfect at two weeks.