Favorite Tobacco Flavors?

Hey ELR,

As of late, I’ve been craving a tobacco aroma or two in order to use in something different than I would normally mix. My singular “tobacco” experience is “TPA - RY4 Double”, and I like it, but the last thing it is, is an actual tobacco.

Say I wanted to make my very own RY4-ish flavor. I have several caramels (and similar flavorings) and several vanillas, so the only thing I’m missing is the tobacco element of the mix.

What are your favorite tobaccos to use in mixes that are not trying to mimic a cigarette, or a cigar, but more something from the dessert tobacco variety?

I will pick up the new Ry-fortress from Nomz, as well as Ultimate RY4 from JF, but I also wanted something more straight forward, so that it can be tweaked into a dessert tobacco.

Does anyone have any ideas of flavors I should take a look at?

Thanks in advance,


Flv vanilla tobacco and Flv mild tobacco. I’m not a fan of tobacco vapes, but these are good. I enjoyed both solo and vanilla tobacco in a mix. Mild has some light caramel background note.

I’m positive there will be way better answers than mine, but I thought I’d throw my 2¢ in.


If you are looking for an ry4 type with more of a tobacco presence or just a really good dessert tobacco this one and Georgia Cardinal 2.0 (Tam Vapes on ATF) have quickly become personal favorites. The tobacco notes aren’t overpowering but very present. I never tried the OG Cardinal from Fear the one with Holy Grail RY4 though I have tried it with Holy Grail V2 and it is delicious.


Soho is a favorite of mine tho for me it is less a tobacco than just an odd flavor that i love for some reason. Another is Pipe Tobacco (EuroFlavor), slightly sweet with hints of vanilla with a rich pipe tobacco flavor and smell.

An odd one is DK Tobacco Base (TPA), you either love it or hate it and i love it. Nutty, slightly floral and fruity and pretty sweet. One of my all time favorite mixes used it, it was originally a clone attempt that turned into a commercial juice, Snowdrift. I mix this with PB DX TPA and swapped Koolada for WS23 and run it in a POD:

Nanner/Polar Bear clone POD

5.00% Banana Cream (TPA)
3.00% Banana Nut Bread (TPA)
1.00% Bananas Foster (TPA)
0.20% Coconut Extra (TPA)
0.40% Cooling Agent (WS-23) (30%)
6.00% DK Tobacco Base (TPA)
0.50% Menthol
3.00% Peanut Butter (DX) (TPA)

Flavor total: 19.1%

Bigglesworth Labs was the name of his company.

Outside of that im not a big fan of tobacco vapes, Lynda named the two others that i use from time to time. One of the Mods, Kinnikinnick, used to make NETs and has a thread or two about it here that might be helpfull. Back in the day i had some really good NETs but those companies are all closed.


Vanilla Ruyan Custard WF


Have you ever tried it without the cooling (ws23 and menthol. Seems like it would be excellent with just tobacco and the Banana aspects, like a Smokey toasted PB banana vape. I’m definitely gonna try that.


Ry fortress is insanley good. My new fav ry4 by far


Flv red burley, sweet & smokey, tfa Turkish, inw 555 gold is incredible. It’s a nutty tobacco, fa ry4, & fj ry4 dbl are also 2 of my favorites. I recently got in ssa royal woodsy type tobacco, & haven’t gotten around to playing with it yet, but it smells great. I’d go for Inw 555 gold. It’s also listed at some places under inw ry4 (tdm) they’re both the same flavor. You can’t go wrong with any of the others I listed though.


Does it have the coconut note that chefs ry castle had? If so, I’m sold.


I have and it is delicious.


Im guessing its the same as ry castle. They just changed the name. It does have a nice little coconut note and maybe biscuit note. Its very complex and delicious. Solo all day


It’s sold out since forever! I have quite a big order to place at Nomz, but am waiting since like a month for this to be restocked. No such luck. :rage:

Does it need a long steep or is it good off the shake?

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I have the INW TDM RY4. It’s quite nice. I just remembered that I had it and started to play with it. I actually am getting tobacco notes out of the bottle. I don’t get that at all from TPA RY4 DBL.


Ry4 tdm is the same thing as 555 gold. Absolutely delicious flavor. Not very tobacco forward, but a nice, nutty tobacco. Love pairing it with butter rum raw, or your favorite butter rum flavoring.

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There are many great tobacco flavours out there that lend themselves well to dessert profiles, most of the flavorah ones work really well with my favorites being -

Red Burly

Inewera have a few crackers as well, both the ones I like the most are a bit nutty


The Nom Nomz tobacco gold is another excellent one.

I could go on but some of the others are more obscure & difficult to obtain