FDA at it again

Sorry, you said any tobacco products. My replies are from government sources. Although I think all forms or regulation that do not harm anyone but the willing user are wrong.


Why is no one talking of banning Youtube. You know, the whole Hot Water Challenge, the Tide Pod Challenge, …

Save the children !!!


I find it very hard to think that the flavorings can be banned. I can see nicotine being an issue to get unless a license or vendor, per se. Flavorings and the base liquids would be almost nil to ban due to their varied usages (cooking, healthcare, etc). It will need to be marketed differently or go back to being just for cooking like we already see some companies doing. The devices are one to watch though like nicotine. Where there’s a battery, wire, and plastic/metal we can find a way! :-):sunglasses:

Kids will just do as they do, the government needs to realize this. I find it very upsetting that mere menthol analogs are being looked at to stop due to flavorings. That stops more adults than youth. :roll_eyes: