FDA moving to regulate e-cigarettes

#FDA moving to regulate e-cigarettes, “vaping” liquid nicotine

Uptick in nicotine poisonings spurs regulators’ latest proposal.

So does the fact that SOME of the eliquid companies have been caught red handed lying through their teeth about what is or is not in their products.

I hate regulation almost as much as some, but consider myself a reasonable man, if the government comes in, it will either be to make money on the sin taxes (the pervue of the right wing religious goodie 2 shoes), and those that want to profit (ie the pot taxes in Colorado etc … )

but one thing is for sure, if we end up shot in the foot, it will be with the ammunition that some in this new industry have provided them with. Hoisted by our own petard, so to speak.

I say let the free market speak, let us run the businesses that have given the governement this ammo, clean out of the business, elsewise we have NO ROOM to complain.

As to the article, yeah, like grandpa said, “there aint no discounting stupid”. There are always idiots involved, that NEED someone to guide them … the rest of us suffer because of it.

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