FDA thinks about putting vape gear in vape shops only

Taking vape pens out of convenience stores gas stations truck stops might actually help curb the teenage Vape use and stop giving the Vape Community a bad name.

I don’t know how they would affect internet sales though there is a lot of companies online that sell to Vapors.


So I guess cigarettes will only be sold in tobacco shops then too…right?


The big deal is vaping is the new hot topic in government. The issues with underage illegal activities go for cigs and booze too. They are just getting on vaping because it’s the new kid on the block


I’d agree to that caveat.
Sorry to online vendors but good for B&M shops. An online shop that sells vape gear only IS a vape shop. I honestly don’t think they could word the law without a bunch of loopholes. Such as
“these atomizers are not to be used in vaping devices”. Companies online would simply sell parts that assembled easily as opposed to complete devices. It won’t work. They would have to outright ban the products AND related products.Then, how can they prove that the brass post and tiny screws I bought are for a vaping device if it isn’t sold as such and I say that it isn’t? Plus, it costs a lot of money to pass and enforce laws. A Lot. Furthermore, this isn’t a federal issue. It’s comical that reporters would even allude to this. It won’t happen.
It’s the same thing with trying to regulate flavor concentrates (lol). Then they must also make it illegal for cigarette companies to put acetals and formaldehyde in their products. Then food companies also cannot use acetals, acetyls, aldehydes, etc in their products. This includes fast food too. It simply cannot happen.

And to infer that the FDA gives a crap about “the children” or public health and safety is a joke. A joke that isn’t funny. If they cared about the safety of children or anyone else, alcohol would be banned. If they cared about public health, cigarettes would be banned…don’t get me started about preservatives and fluoride.

News stories and articles are mostly about propaganda and brainwashing the public, those that don’t vape, more than anything else. News agencies only exist to sell advertising. They care nothing of accuracy and honesty. There’s no “journalistic integrity”. They will write and print/broadcast anything that gets a lot of views.
We just need to stick together and be on this. We need to call them on their bulls*it.

This is the exact same thing that is happening with kratom in the United States. They have been trying to ban it for years now but we keep fighting. It scares the crap out of them when 5000 people show up at the White House to protest. It scared them even more when The Kratom Association raised $400,000 dollars in just 2 months to hire a bunch of lawyers. And we got our way (so far). But they haven’t given up and we will NEVER give up. Just read up on that if you aren’t familiar. The FDA and the DEA call it a “new street drug” and claim that it causes insanity (sound familiar?) This tactic didn’t work the first time they tried it with weed. Why would they think that it would work for this wonderful plant? Because prescription opiate sales have dropped. Because Smith & Kilne has developed new painkillers made from kratom. It’s because they are desperate.

There’s no real need to worry but there is a need to stay vigilant. We are more than vapers. We are a community of cool people. We are a different generation and a different breed. We care about others in the way that people should care about one another. We just need to jump right on it when crap like this comes out. Make comments on all of these articles refuting their nonsense. Shame the journalists for writing dishonest garbage.


Most gas station vape juice is garbage, and so are the devices, if anything this will cause people interested in starting to vape stick with it due to higher quality product to start with, I could be wrong too though lol


@NChris BINGO !!!


@Asmoday You absolutely nailed this one, and in more ways than one.


When has that ever worked? You can sign petitions, protest out on the streets, … all that talks is money.


And once the Feds get involved in anything that threatens there Cash cows, all about mo money & control. At any & all costs. Sad, would be a understatement. Inhumane may fit better. Karma’s a Bitch big brother.