[Feature Request] Export flavour names, bottle size, price and notes


I pretty much use this site to keep track of what flavours I own and what percentages I should be mixing them at. I also use the notes section to store any relevant information I find on the flavours while browsing the internet. I would like to be able to export the flavours along with the associated notes etc.so that if I ever need them I have them in a text file somewhere on my PC. I see this feature has been implemented for recipes and wonder if the same could be provided for flavours.

I have created a simple JQuery hack to ‘dom scrape’ the information from the page directly but this is by no means the best way to achieve the backup but for an example of what I need you can open up a browser console while viewing the flavour stash page and paste the following into the console:-

$('body').append("<textarea style='width:200px;height:200px' id='out'></textarea>")
var f = $('.fsline'); 
$.each(f, function( i, v ) {
  $('#out').val($('#out').val()+"NAME: " + $(v).find('.fname').text() + '\n');
  $('#out').val($('#out').val()+"SIZE: " + $(v).find('.fdetail [type=text]').eq(0).val() + '\n');
  $('#out').val($('#out').val()+"COST: " + $(v).find('.fdetail [type=text]').eq(1).val() + '\n');
  $('#out').val($('#out').val()+"NOTES: \n" + $(v).find('.fdetail textarea').val() + '\n');

This creates a textarea at the bottom of the page and inserts the required information where It can be copied for storage.

Another helpful little script (and another useful feature request) is the ability to highlight any flavours which do not contain a valid bottle size and/or cost:-

var f = $('.fsline'); 
$.each(f, function( i, v ) {
  if ($(v).find('.fdetail [type=text]').eq(0).val() == '' || $(v).find('.fdetail [type=text]').eq(1).val() == '') {
	$(v).find('.fname').css('border','2px solid red');

This simply highlights the flavour names where size or cost is blank - again paste into the browser console while viewing the flavour stash page.

One last comment I would like to make is the time taken to render the list of flavours. I currently have over 400 different flavours and the page takes a noticeable time to load and render which becomes a real pain when trying to add additional flavours or view/maintain existing flavours. This is due to the bottle size, price, notes, etc. all being loaded into the page before finally being hidden. Could this be changed to load the required information when expanded (via ajax) rather than all being loaded then hidden. Obliviously that would render my make shift scripts no longer work but hopefully they would be replaced by a new feature anyway.

Many thanks for such a great site and I hope I posted this request in the correct place.