[Feature Request] - Flavor Search and Flavor Basket

Hello @daath,

Two different suggestions to make your site even more awesome :slight_smile:

  1. Flavor search screen:
  • In flavor search screen, can we see the results in “recipe quantity” descending automatically because that is the most useful one.
  • Also can we have buttons near the flavors to add them to either stash or shopping list, without entering the flavor link?
  1. While browsing flavors and their individual notes, I often find myself looking for a “make a recipe with it” button. So maybe you can add something similar to a shopping cart to which we can temporarily add flavors. Then when we click “create recipe”, those flavors are automatically added to the recipe with %'s blank.

Hope you find them as logical as I did and implement them :slight_smile:

Thanks for the site as is anyways, it’s a life/time saver.

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On right upper screen, click the User Tab, then flavor list. Once that loads, click the recipes column header to sort by most recipes, or ratings column header to sort by best rated flavors. Hope that helps.


There is also a search box there for finding flavors, and when you look at the individual flavors there is a button on the top right to “Add to Shopping List”.

hello @MysticRose,
I’m aware of your suggestions but thanks for your input.
I guess I haven’t explained my suggestions good enough.
Flavor search list should be sorted by recipe quantity by default imo. Because it’s the easiest way to differentiate the real flavors from lame copies.
And i asked @daath if shopping list and add to stash buttons can be added to the search page, near the flavors.
Hope I’m clear now, I can edit my op if I have to.

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