Feature request: for the recipe side!

Hey @daath I’ve been ‘on a rampage’ the last few hours trying to help clean up the database, and I found myself wanting a feature that I think would help with some of the more ‘rowdy’ groupings.

On the “My Flavor Stash” page, we have that lovely little tool called “Quick find flavor in stash:”, is there a chance that we can get something similar added to the “duplicates checker” section???

It’d be nice to be able to ‘wade into’ the monster that is “custard”, and be able to make things a bit more manageable by noticing a pattern, and then being able to ‘refine the results list’ without actually doing a new search!!

EG: searching for “vanilla custard” does NOT bring up:

  • custard FA (which is the proper namesake)
    but you still find listings for Vanilla Custard FA, vanilla custard flavorart, vanilla custard flavourart, etc…

There’s so many other examples I could use, but this was the easiest to highlight. And those have already been submitted to @JoJo so they may not be there depending on when you check/get around to reading this!

Also, it’d be nice to be able to suggest an item for deletion that has a “0 count” in recipes without having to have an “original” to compare it against. Some are just horribly missppeelledded words, and others are just symbols. Thoughts? Suggestions?

I don’t even want to THINK about trying to wade through the ‘strawberry’ category after what I saw in custards without some sort of ‘tool’ additions as above!! lmao


It takes ages and it isn’t the most glamorous, but what I usually do is type in something super generic in those cases like just cus or van cus or custard. Then use “find” on my browser to search for things like “art” or “FA”. If I’m looking for TPA I search for “PA” (NOT TP as that is Tasty Puff) “app” “flap” “tfa”. Until something else is done, that’s my suggestion for hitting the hard or generic flavors like custard and strawberry.

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Good idea. I added a quick filter field…