[Feature Request] Revisions and Profiles


In general, revision history of a recipe would be helpful.

I spent a lot of time on GitHub. I can draw a couple comparisons between that and this site:

  1. “Adapting” a recipe is a bit like “forking” a repository
  2. If you own a repository (recipe), you don’t necessarily want to fork (adapt) it. You may just edit it in place.

Of course, GitHub being GitHub, revision history is inherent. So here, you may be wary of “editing” in place–since there’s no revision history–and “adapt” your own recipe instead. This can create many slightly different copies of the same recipe. For me, it’s pretty tedious to keep a clean house.

Related, I think often times people will adapt a recipe they found to suit their preferred VG/PG ratio and nicotine %–I always do this. Changing these values–not the flavors–isn’t really a “new” recipe. A straightforward solution to this would be choosing some defaults (or several “profiles”) which would apply to any recipe you see on the site. So regardless of what Joe Vaper put in for VG/PG%, you’d see whatever your “profile” was set to. Then you wouldn’t need to bother with adapting it at all!

I wonder what others would think of these two ideas?



I already have revisions planned - they’ll collapse to one recipe, with the latest showing…

When you adapt, I could make the system change the PG/VG ratio, nic level and nicotine strength to your preferences (it already does the nic strength) - I actually thought it already changed that, but I just checked and it doesn’t… At the very least it should change your desired strength and nic strength - some people believe that changing the PG/VG-ratio is a drastic change to the recipe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I’ve implemented revisions, I will also implement batch control, which is sort of adapting it, but not saving it as a recipe - but as something you’ve mixed. It will also modify your stash (subtract mls from flavor stash etc)…

I hope that (mostly) covers it! :smiley:

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Cool, thank you. Have you considered opening up the source for this site? I’m sure there would be people eager to give you a hand.

Regarding this: To be sure I’m being clear, I’m proposing you can have a preference view the PG/VG/nic/total-mg as you prefer (via “profiles”) without having to “adapt”.

Those who believe altering the PG/VG ratio is a drastic change needn’t use the feature. :smiley:

@boneskull there must be a few on here that can code Javascript or modify as existing module as it is open source no need to worry about copyright. Discourse is on GitHub if you want to check it out.

The forum is open source, but I think boneskull was talking about our main site e-liquid-recipes.com which isn’t open source :slightly_smiling:

ok daath, sorry my mistake, I was thinking of a way someone could help you by showing the code working and then for you to decide if you wanted to use it instead of opening up your source code, with PHP I think you my have to keep it to yourself. :slightly_smiling: