[Feature Request] Sort by number of reviews

Right now, when you sort recipes by “rating”, the they are sorted by their average score (also excluding, I think, the recipes with a low number of reviews).

I’d like to be able to see them sorted by the number of reviews, so the ones that are more popular (reviewed the most) are on top.

This way, if a recipe is very popular but received mixed reviews, it will still be high on the page.

Thank you, and great job on the fantastic website


You mean by number of comments on recipes? Because the rating system is pretty good here! It isn’t an average score, it’s a bit more advanced :smiley:


I meant sorting by number of reviews (the number of people who rated a recipe, I suppose that’s the number in parentheses next to the stars in the recipe list, right?)

The main point would be to show you the recipes that have been reproduced by the largest number of people first.

Just like when you shop online, many shops give you the ability to sort their products by “best sellers” as well as “highest rating”. They’re not necessarily the same thing as there can be a polarizing product that sells like crazy but is disliked by a certain number of people.

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I see your point. I will write it down and consider it, but I do think that the rating system is superior to a simple “sort by how many has rated” :smile: Thanks for the feedback!

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Absolutely, daath, I never thought the current sorting algorithm is inferior to what I requested. It would just be a nice option to have. I wouldn’t think of them as mutually exclusive.
Maybe I spend too much time on Reddit, where you can sort by “hot” as well as by “top”. :smiley:

Thank you again for taking the time to consider this and reply!


I like this idea, which adds another column that can be sorted. Unless the # in parenthesis is # of comments; in that case, those written to say “I’m gonna try this” or asking about subs are not equivalent to a rating. I do find the notes about subs to use helpful. But subs that were actually used and the review are the most relevant.

:thinking: I wonder if there’s a straight-forward way to separate questions/answers and flavor choice notes from specific reviews (accompanied by rating, of course)? Numbers nerds like me do love differentiated data! :nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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