Fighting an uphill fight against that crafty nicodemon

So I “quit” smoking about a month ago. The quotes are needed as since then I’ve had just over half a pack but real cigs have become disgusting to my palette. The cravings hit mostly when I’m bored, when I wake up especially or when I’m drinking a glass of wine. Okay, let’s be real, it’s a few glasses at a time, but I also am getting close to two months off meth and that’s the real victory, though I do greatly question which is worse, like meth is the obvious choice but cigs just kill you and ruin your life all slow like whereas meth does the exact same shit just ion a way shorter time frame so like how is it not basically just kind of the same? I don’t know, I’m weird, common fact yo.

I’ve been using a Cleito tank that’s pretty good and I’'m partial to fruity flavors but I’m really interested in mixing my own E-juice just because I want to feel more solid about what exactly is going into what I’m inhaling and where it’s coming from. Plus I’ve heard it’s like hella cheaper and I work at a discount tool store and let’s just say money is not in great supply for me, like case and point: I just got a 9 month housing voucher in Utah,l (yes sad, weird and painfully true that I live here) but does that tell you what my finances currently look like?

I smoked since I was 4, didn’t even really get sick my first time and my mother was a meth dealer with the memory capacity of a pine cone and conveniently enough usually had 4 to 6 cartons of various brands in the freezer and stealing a pack was never hard until I was a teenager and put foot to the street and went out and found some shady smoke shops that would sell to a teen with a 5 o’clock shadow like any respectable young juvenile delinquent should. I’m only 28 and I have spent 24 of those years smoking and after coughing up some sizable chunks of my lungs I decided that I desperately needed to stop and became desperate enough to call TRUTH and attempt their method of nicotine gum and patches; p.s. fuck that noise, my dreams are scary enough.

Despite the awesome tank I have, the battery I’m using is only a Smok (not box, loses charge way too fast, was given as a gift) so I need some suggestions as to a good site to check out for a box battery, or whatever the technical term is same as some suggestions as to a good site to check out about getting some PG and VG and maybe a sample pack of some flavors. Like I know little to nothing about what I’m doing and you can call me whatever dirty names you want in exchange for some advice or help and the cheaper the suggestion the better as my job barely covers bills, (yes people on housing still have to buy food and pay for electricity and stuff lol) and I’m using cash I got from donating plasma to attempt to cover my wider horizons.

Let me know whatever, or even if you have some cool jokes leave a comment. I likes me some jokes. But seriously, call me a noob, whatever, I need people smarter than me to tell me what to do or point me in the right direction and since if it’s on the internet it must be true, I find my self refereed to here. Please ridicule, talk smack, break me down so I need therapy, it is all an acceptable trade to success in my fight to quit smoking cause like I have a kid and reasons to live and know what joy and hope feel like and totally admit that, for the most part, I am an idiot, and now that we all accept that fact we can move forward with meaningful conversation. Thanks for any feedback. Truly. It’s just too damn hard working, staying sober, being a Dad and everything and trying to stay off cigs at the same time. Like I have all the faith in the world in vaping, I’m just ignorant lol.



I’m on a short vape break. Here’s three sites


much thanks. yeah, like i’m telling everyone, quitting smoking is awesome, once you get used to understanding the definition of “unusual” dreams. Not quite nightmares, but like straight up, I can only describe them as being not really scary but highly intense in their proverbial level of odd and strange.

Also, sorry for whatever spelling and/or grammatical errors as like one hit of the green stuff and a few glasses of wine and I can admit wholeheartedly anything is possible on that front.


I just wanna give you this :star: for trying to clean up for your kid and yourself, quite a strong story you’ve got and thank you for having the nerve to be frank about it.

If you use the search bar I’m sure you’ll find a lot of useful information and from what I understand, @Nicotine_River is a good place to go for liquids

Please hang around and feel the love - welcome, Sannity, we’re happy to have you aboard!


thanks bro, yeah, so keep in mind I’m pitiful and I have only hit the stage like 3 times, but on the reals, I’m like a half assed excuse for a stand up comic in the sense that I believe in brutal-level honesty for the sake of aspiring to be a C to D level stand up comedian.

Yeah I would believe in higher standards, but like, look at Mitch Hedberg and Bill Hicks, both god damn geniuses, but both also "just so happen to have died early for threat of daring to actually make a motherfuckenn difference. I’m not even pretending to say I’m on their level, I’m riding low grade coat tails; thus: the C to D levels expectation of performance of myself. But on the really, god damn, reals, dependence on smokes and the, who even knows how many chemicals beyond the definition of even the loose term “free-radical” altered my head, my processor, my ability to interact reality enough that I don’t even know what the fucken motherfucken fuck the fucken motherwhat but I keep tripping out therapists and head doctors and the only logical explanation or plan of action at that point is just to grab a microphone or submit to pharmaceutical sedation and geno-sociatal pascification AKA whatever psyche meds a head doctor wold throw at my level of whatever this is. And’ I’m not cool with that, like smoke for forever but on the reals, fuck Xanex and all that noise. But yes, thanks for thee feedback, I’ll be following this site for a minute.

Also, side note, like I’m still coherent enough I know what my real, and several fake, names are and that leaves me with-it enough to determine, fuck ciggs but pi nk wine and being manly is the shit and fucken Wu-Tang yo. But yeah, fuck cigs… and the corporate world… in the name of health… well as much as pink wine can allow.

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I’m more of a sistah than a bro actually, though you are not the first one to make that mistake (or what do you say @Skullblade789 lol)

Seems like picking up the microphone and being brutally honest is the way to go for you. Rooting for you to get to your seventies!


Still no recollection of what you are talking about my motha from anotha. My past is my past. Let’s keep it that way :wink:.


Ever thought about writing a book?

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First of all, hats of to you for kicking the meth habit and the cancer sticks!!
I think Utah has some shipping regulations for ecig stuff but I’m not sure of the details. If I’m not mistaken @mikelej14 is in Utah, he (or others) might be able to point you in the right direction of where to order from.
If you’re looking for the cheapest mod options, ordering from china is going to be your best bet. You’ll have to wait a bit longer than if you were buying from a company in the states, but the savings are usually worth the wait if you have the time.

Well I mean if that’s your thing we can handle that… but really, we’re pretty nice around here. :wink:
Welcome, have fun, ask questions, read, yada yada yada… Good to have you here. :grin:


Hang in there! The Aspire Archon or the Fuchai’s are good mods that will throw some nice reliable power and last a long time. MyVaporStore, VapeNW or Eciggity are great hardware vendors.

We will help you mix, just hang in!

Send me an email with your mailing address and what level of nicotine you are using, @Sannity . I’ll send ya
a few things to get you started as soon as I can.

It’s people like you, that stand up and start fighting the ‘demons’ off, that I really
love to help.


You are AWESOME, I wish I could help, my Doc took me off Nicotine two years ago when I had an aneurysm, I can Vape but just 0 Nic, so I don’t think my contribution would be wanted but if it is I have some extra juices I am not vaping I would also be happy to contribute.


This is Annie,

Believe it or not, my husband and I spent most of the afternoon with someone who was having a bad meth experience. We do not use drugs but this friend does. My hat is off to you for your sincere tries at trying to get clean, what hell it must be. I am a senior citizen, for real, and have been vaping for 4 years. I smoked since I was 20. I don’t think I would have stayed off the cigs if not for vaping. Now I am getting into mixing my own. I just wanted to give you a KUDOS and say you just go for it. I can tell you according to my doctor my lungs are clear. I now can enjoy hiking and walking till I get tired of it. I used to have to stop because I had no wind power. In the mountains I would almost pass out because of the thin air and what cigs were doing to me. Just keep it up and I wish you all the best of health and what being clean can offer you and your family. It is the best gift you can give them and you.