File format Question

@Lars @daath I do have a question…

How hard word it be to allow us to download our recipes into other file formats, like txt or pdf?

I really hate working with what we have now, and I do not like spread sheets or anything I use to open with open office…

Can ya hep us all out with something else please??

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ok 10 char… bumpity bump! :slight_smile:

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Good lord Smoky, bumping within a few hours, you alright girl?

Please be so kind and remind me again how to download your recipes while I’m sipping my coffee :zzz: My brain’s doesn’t wake up before the sun reaches the zenith.


bumpity bump!!

I’d love a txt file format… I has plans… options w000ts!! :tada::hugs::stuck_out_tongue::star_struck:

3 little birds (tweet tweet!!)

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