Filing out air holes on tanks for more air flow

Hi all. Has anyone drilled or filed holes to make them bigger for more airflow.

I feel my griffin could do with a tad more just to ice the cake. I know you can get the top air flow set for it but can’t get hold of one in the UK.

Has anyone tried this idea??

you’d be looking at less flavor. Especially on the high notes

I did drill out the hole on a Kayfun once. Overall it didn’t improve the performance enough to make the kind of difference I was hoping for. As for the Griffin I have the original which doesn’t have top air flow. But if the bottom air flow is the same on yours as mine I can’t really see making much difference with it. The airflow on mine is really good. Another thing to consider is the vacuum that is created which helps pull juice into the wick. You don’t want to end up with a tank that you have to run thinner and thinner juice in to compensate for that.

Good point @SthrnMixer I’d like to add: don’t forget to make the airflow holes below the coils bigger, too. Otherwise it’s all in vain.