Fill USC with e-liquid

No one has been able to give me a straight answer,
I have a decent medical USC and was wondering why cant i just pour 1 liter of 100% vg juice into the tank…

what will happen?

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This is an awesome question, are you talking VG AND flavoring, or just VG?

Log in on the wrong account? Lol

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Well played!

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@R0B Hey Bro. I think the problem would be similar to trying to mag stir a liter of VG+flavs …the spinner can’t create enough force to mix the viscous VG above a certain point (small mag mixer + small bar). I’ve seen this with my 1Liter USC in just bottle sizes. A 30ml bottle of bubbly shaken e-juice will degass in 15 seconds, but a 120 has a problem in my USC as the center of the bottle has a column of air bubbles which don’t seem to be affected …like the ultrasonic force can only penetrate a 1/2 inch (?)

For a more scientific test, super clean your USC …take a liter of VG and warm it and froth it …pour it in, turn it on and you should be able to visually see how the degassing happens. Does it only get to the edges and the center stay bubbly?

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try it out and tell everyone … ty for experimenting

haha, yeah i did try it.
the USC frequency noise was heavily muted. almost sounded like it was struggling,
i put 1 liter in it. it looked like it coagulated in the middle of the usc.
wasn’t happy with the result. tipped it out.

well u learn something everyday.

perhaps it would work but it didn’t sound like it was.


Please join my Kickstarter campaign to build an ultrasonic heated mag stirrer :wink:


ive never personally used a USC but i always love hearing about things like this … being creative and trying new or different things is what makes a hobby fun and keeps it exciting

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I posted some links about the use of ultrasonic devices to homogenize, among other things i.e disperse, emulsify, cell disruption, etc. Your cleaner will not have enough wattage or controlled pulses like one made for this. See

There is a ton of very good information here. The post was about sonicators, which is the same.

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