Filtering by brand and by chemicals

Hello, new to DIY. I noticed that you can only filter recipes that have a single flavor. I wanted to suggest to add two more kinds of filtering to the recipes’ list. One would be by brand (to accommodate the users’ availability, like, I have a flavourart flagship store nearby and I’d love to be able to filter recipes that (for instance) only contain flavors made by them, or by them and other manufacturers easily available to me.

Second suggestion, more important, is to add filtering by chemicals. Like, filtering out all those recipes containing diacetyl and those other flavors where there is uncertainty about their safety for vaping.

Thank you very much for reading.


Bump. Is this really of interest of me alone? :stuck_out_tongue:


You would be closer to finding all TFA flavors here but most mixers here incorporate different flavors by different flavor companies in most of our recipes. Some companies offer a better flavor over others and this is true in about every vendor out there. There are some all FA recipes but if you wanted to filter all FA flavors and skip the rest then you would miss out on way more than half of the best recipes listed here.

Also, there are some flavors that FA doesn’t even make.To name a few,
Graham Cracker
Rice Treat
Crunch Cereal
Bavarian Cream
Butter Cream
Dragon Fruit
Peanut Butter
Brown Sugar

There are some in this list that if you don’t have them, then you won’t be able to make many of the best recipes on here. Not to be rude but filtering to just FA recipes just doesn’t seem like a very good idea.

As for the chemicals you want to avoid, most are marked and you can sub those for a flavor that’s diketone free.


No I don’t believe you’re alone in this request. I think @daath has had this on his list for a while.

Searching for recipes containing just one vendor isn’t a bad idea but it’s not a large majority that use just one vendor.

You can always use the search box on ELR recipe site it’all bring about an exhausting list if you just type in Flavourart.

You can put your flavor’s in your flavor stash under your page and then you can search by using what can I make which is located under the blue wrench.

Many tips and tricks to the ELR Calculator site can be found under the resource tab.

You can avoid those on this list if it is your wish

Again I am not Admin just a regular around these parts :smile:

Hope this has shed some light on your questions and welcome to the forum.


Here is an all FA recipe list,


For what matter vendors, I mean one or more.

But actually what really matters me the most is the diacetyl and other stuff part. I want to make my vaping as safer as possible.

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“most”, yup. Won’t you all think it’ll be necessary to have it? Or, better than that: the other way around. So have the ones that are certified as diketone free and then being able to search recipes that only contains those.

Eliminating plenty of recipes would still leave me - and all of you! - with a massive database and with an unique peace of mind - and maybe of lungs.


I stay away from diacetyl myself, any little bit in a recipe and I have a sick belly ache the rest of the day. I just know which ones I can’t use and what I sub for them. After a while of doing DIY you just learn what to avoid and what to use in place of it.

As for a feature to search diketone free, @daath would be the person to ask.


I like yourself was concerned when I first started vaping a few years ago.After researching I am no longer concerned about Diacetyl but I understand those that are.
I look at it as harm reduction , much safer than smoking but no way is it completely safe .
As far as the recipes with a single manufacturer ,I try and use the best flavor that I have at that moment for that particular flavor.I don’t think I have any mixes that are one manufacturer.
Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you.


This is key. You do know what you won’t vape.
I’m a beginner and I don’t; yet.

Such a feature would make choosing a recipe so less time consuming!
So here’s my beg again to @daath :wink:


researching flaves will help you in the long run , i know it seems tedious just like single flave testing but the more you research and the more you read here the better mixer you will become the tedious tasks we have to endure are what makes us understand what we are doing


Take some time and learn each flavor most NOT all FA are DA Free just be forewarned a lot of their products are absolutely clean and I recommend using them as they depict flavor’s very clearly.

As a beginner thou if you branch out to other vendors and choose to make recipes other than all FA start to learn what’s in them look them up by searching on the flavor list.

I also gave you a link to the warning list that can be a good reference check.

I have over 740 flavor’s and I know most my flavor’s like the back of my hand it just takes time and a lil effort.

Good luck !

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I read the report of the FA testing and only one flavor is suspect (yogurt).

Anyhow I just used FA as an example. I have nothing against mixing brands and whatsoever. Just, the process’d be much faster with a tool.
But it seems like most of you guys think that investing time and effort to discover what others already did is a necessary part of the process, so it seems…

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Of course investing time is worth it , many ppl come here and ask a question get what they want and never read but there are more than worthy threads regarding flavors their profiles their good bad and uglies. It’s up to you and what suites you best.

There are a couple more in the FA line here’s another off the top of my head that contains DA

Here are some threads yes it requires some time but in the end is that you become more knowledable about DIY and the products we’re using and for you to make up your own mind as to which vendor / flavor you’ll use.

of course I agree if there was an option to search by eliminating the diketones there would be no need to read all of this you’d just click a button got it but at this time it doesn’t exist so we learn what’s in the products as of this writing. I do believe Daath has it on his list for things to do.


Of course it is (and I’m relatively new to mixing) - taste is subjective and it’s fun learning how things work for you on an individual basis - what works for me may not for you and so on.

@Amy2 has provided some fab links to assist you - I wish you luck in your adventure :+1:

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Vaping is cool.

DIY is even cooler.

Why make all this wonderful coolness harder to achieve?

So bad. I’d love to get a reply from him if he could find the time to, though. Still hoping :wink:


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their cream whipped is also supposed to be high in diacytel but its GReaaaat

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you are absolutely correct , i truly believe every word you are saying

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It’d be much easier to get smokers closer to vaping if the community wouldn’t be so elitarian.

Call us elitetarian or what have you the thing is , is that anyone can vape go to the store pick up a tank & a mod fill it w/ juice. No biggie.

Those that want to delve into DIY want to craft something make art out of flavor’s and enjoy the fruits of our labors if you will.

There’s ppl who DIY for all reason save money, cleaner juice ( yourself), have control over what’s in their juice ( most ppl) and those who are interested in creation.

The community as it stands now (is still ever changing ) we are at this time in a better spot than we’ve ever been Vendors are communicating w/ us hearing our plea to announce what chemicals are in these flavorings at what temperatures are they maxed out on and what combinations are not recommended. For us to have this much knowledge on it has taken us Years to accumulate while ppl like yourself come here want one button click service not give anything to the " community " I don’t mean to sound rude but think about it you want something what have you offered ?

@Daath is the creator of this site & the calculator site this is his hobby as he has a full time job elsewhere.

We are not generalists I’d describe us more as working with what we have and doing a fine job at it.

As you can see I am very passionate about DIY I mean no disrespect to you and I want you to know there’s no issue with asking questions but do the time and read and learn about what you are putting in your body.