Filtering ejuice

i have been researching how to filter ejuice , does anyone filter there juice ??? and what do you use it seems that a 400 micron strainer is the way to go , is this to fine of a mesh any help would be great

Not as far as I know, I have never done it.

I have read about filtering ejuice to remove small bits of sediment using a filter tip and syringe but have never need to do it. This will be a good discussion for the experts.

Here’s a good link, showing you qualitative filter papers, should you wish to filter your eliquid.

I filter my NET using the grade 5 filters (2.5 microns); slow process, but it does what I need it to do.

A coffee filter = 20 to 100 microns. So, if you’re interested in removing any significant amount of foreign matter from your eliquids, you should consider at least a grade 1 or 2 filter paper. :wink:


this is exactly what ive been looking for , do you use one filter per 30ml ??? or what would you suggest

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since i dont have a lab grade clean room i am just trying to make sure my juice is as clean and pure as possible


Well, this process can be easy or hard depending on one’s OCD level. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can go the full blown route:

This is just an example of a typical all in one set up; there are many different makers.

You might want to do a couple of separate purchases for this equipment, 'cause the plastic hand pumps suck.

(these, or other metal ones like it are make to last)

Or if you have a plastic funnel at your house and don’t mind waiting a day or two for the juice to make it though the filter, you could just go for this:

Just put the filter in your funnel and pour your juice in…walk away 'til it’s all drained through. The medium paper will probably give you about an 11 micron filter rating. Whatman specifically specifies the rating, but they are a bit more expensive.

In the end, it’s down to how much cash do you want to lay out for filtering your juice. For me, it was important; I make my own naturally extracted tobacco (NET) liquids…had to filter the sediment out of the liquid to keep my coils from gunking up so badly.

Word of caution: Make sure you are reading the measurements of the funnel/filter paper carefully; you can order the wrong thing if you’re not paying close attention to the fine print. :smile:


Gee… I’ve never considered doing this. I can understand doing it for a net, but for your every-day, run of the mill mix is it necessary?
I have to assume my ingredients are clean, & I mix cleanly… so…

what prompted me was bc after mixing a 30ml bottle i started to give it a shake and after i was done i noticed something in my juice it was a a piece of hair which i figured must have been an eye lash falling or something so i figure why not the big companies spend thousands on clean rooms and cosmic fog states that they filter there juice a minimum of 5 times so why not keep it as sterile as i possibly can just my opinion and something i. interested in who knows maybe it will make it that much better


hi guys and gals ive just joined so hi everyone i do however have a motive lol i have about 3 litres of juice that ive had for about 6 months in that time it has darkened conciderably i understand its the steeping process but my question is can i filter it to make it lighter in colour i have a coffee maker and tried filtering it to no avail is it the filter or is it just not possible to remove the colour any suggestions please

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Hey there Vapeman and welcome!

I don’t think you’ll be able to filter it clearer, because what’s causing the color in the first place is probably the nic oxidating.

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what @anon60225325 said , my original post was try to clean it from any particles that we cant detect with our eyes which now looking back was not needed , if i were you i wouldnt worry but if it taste off then thats a different story , one thing you may do is make a new batch say you have 30ml make 60 ml add them together and it will be clearer but it will darken up as well

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do you vape this often thats a lot of juice

thank you all for your replys i guessed as much and i guess i will be vapeing it myself fidalgo_vapes as i find dark liquid does not sell well which is what i had planned

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i see , try to add the nicotine as late as possible

i steep my liquid first then when im ready to vape i add my nic , and typically the liquid is clear, then i add nic and it after a couple weeks its this color , the reason store juice is clearer than diy is because they use clean rooms and are able to bottle with no additional oxygen unlike us , but once that bottle is opened and used it will in time darken as well

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