Finally ELeaf made a Drop-kit for the Lemo

Finally ELeaf made a kit to convert the Lemo to the Lemo Drop, and it’s only $8 :smile:
That took a while, but it’s finally here!

Get it here:


Don’t talk about Lemos …it hurts too much thinking of mine smashing off the floor last night …the loss is still so fresh lol


Aww! Sorry for your loss! :smile:

Well, you’ll be stocked up on glass soon enough once your shipment comes in! Good plan!

As soon as EHPro/Eciggity came out with a drop kit for the Billow, I was on that train. It does seem to provide better flavor to me. If not that, I like a bit lower profile tank anyway.

I was close to buying a Billow yesterday …but I landed on the goblin after hearing all the hype .

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I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! The air flow is probably the big difference between the two. I feel like the Billow air flow is enough for me. I like the design of the stand offs on the air flow underneath the coils on the Billow (less juice down the air intakes), but I still get a bit of dribbling anyway. Gravity! Whatcha gonna do? No atty is perfect.

Well hopefully it works alright for me …never built dual coil yet but I feel confident I can make it work . The lemo was extremely easy to build on and after I got the hang of the wicking it was clouding up my living room like crazy . Ive watched a few builds on YouTube with the goblin and think I can manage

Yeah, when I started building on kayfun style attys, I made the mistake of jamming the juice channels full of cotton. Found out the nasty way (dry hits) that leaving the cotton above the juice channels was the way to go for me. I tend to speed vape, so it works out well for me to have unobstructed juice channels. The cotton is refreshed with juice much faster. Vaping a higher VG juice, sometimes there are still issues with juice flow to the cotton, depending on how big the juice channels are on the atty.

I watched a video of a build and the guy cut the wicks just big enough to cram in the juice channels of the goblin , then he juiced them crammed then in the channels and vaped her like a champ . I’ll have to experiment !

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True. It’s all about what works for you. The juice channels on the Goblin may be huge so you might have to block’em up a bit to prevent leakage/flooding???

Possibly ! I can’t wait to find out . It’s supposed to be here tomorrow but I’m not gonna get my hopes up cause I’ll be so disappointed . I’m gonna try a few different wicking options I’ve found and see what works best . I’ll keep ya posted tho !

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See the video review @Aux did - it’s in the review section - He can vape max VG like that. No dry hits.