Finally, reasonable coverage of a battery explosion!

Ladies and gentlemen of ELR, I present you with… fair reporting! We’ve all heard the stories about batteries exploding, usually followed by “so vaping isn’t safe” or some baloney like that. This time, though, I believe it has been covered fairly. Have a read for yourself, and let me know what you think.

Also, dude’s name was Wayne Walker. Is that the same as @Wayne_Walker ? Or… just a crazy coincidence?


This is great article. Careless vaping vs. just vaping. There a huge difference there. Thanks for sharing!

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Oh boy, here we go.

Not the same, just a crazy coincidence.

That is the second article I’ve seen where they’ve focused on the improper care/storage/use of batteries rather than the ‘e-cig’.

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haha definitely not me, but as another Wayne Walker, I do feel sorry the guy!


@Wayne_Walker its alright man you dont have to be embarrased you could tell us the truth :wink: lmao , what a small world though as popular as you are in the vape community and this happens to someone with the same name , smh , im wondering how many times have you been asked about this ?

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