Finding concentrates in Frankfurt/Mannheim

Hey guys,
Was wondering if anyone here knows of any actual shops in the Frankfurt/Mannheim area that sell concentrates. The online shop I use is closing down and I haven’t been able to find anywhere to just walk in and buy them. Even supermarkets don’t have basic ones from what i have seen.
A little help would be amazing.

Here is a shop list for Frankfurt area from a german forum

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Any reason why you specifically need a brick-and-mortar shop and don’t order online?
I’ve been walking around town trying to find concentrates in vape shops the other day and was sorely disappointed. Just too many shops, they don’t have enough customers to get a decent size stock, they don’t have a lot of variety, …
From a list of 40 concentrates, I only found 4 of the most common TPA flavors, I couldn’t even find the popular concentrate Juicy Lemon (CAP) :frowning:

It’s easiest and cheapest if you just order your concentrates online. They usually have a lot more choice. Even the shops I visited told me so because otherwise I simply won’t find the right ingredients for my recipes.

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It was mainly because the online place I was using was shut down. And their prices were affordable and did custom packs for cheaper. Amazing was a bit pricey last time I looked. But I do like a good shop to be honest. Someone to chat to about new flavours and updates and what not. Is there a decent online site that is based in Germany? As getting them here from abroad incurs tax charges.

Buying from is buying from the EU (until 03/19), no charges allowed besides postage. Prices are good.


Another few good shop links thrown in: (15% off right now until 04.05.)

Postage is a little pricier if you order a magnitude of flavours (>20) but the savings are sure worth it!
Also look out for rebate codes for those four shops (incl. ChefsFlavours).

It’s a shame that cloudhouse is going to close. :confused: I sincerely hope someone is taking up the TPA/CAP/FW/FA game in Germany…

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Are they closing???:cry: I thought they were just opening up :open_mouth:
I completely forgot about them, saw a mention of them not long ago in one of the posts here…

If the Brits are really going to push through with their No EU, No CU etc, we’re going to need them!!

Yeah, they are not restocking any more and told us they’re doing a ongoing rebate code party until they finally run out of stock with everything. Quite a few concentrates are already gone for good…

Currently they are @ 40% code: “40off”

What a bummer… :expressionless:


Even though I don’t have a big budget right now, I might just need to make use of that code…
That’s a real bummer indeed.

I didn’t quite get why they didn’t do German Flavors though. As a German company, they should represent their own national brands as well and not only focus on American brands. It’s stuff like that that attracts people from other countries.

Yeah I ordered a few things. 50 Euro worth but a lot of what I wanted/needed has already gone :(. Gutted. But managed to pick up a frosted donut and a few fruits and bakery bases so can’t conplain too much haha.