Finding SC flavors in ELR

I said this above, so like @Rocky02852 said, it is a giant cluster fvck.


Ahhh , I alwsy forget to read the thread and just answer the original post lol…Then i read afterwards and think , Hmm why didnt i continue to read , then i would have seen others say same thing


Welcome to MY rabbit hole…


Ok, another question y’all. If Super Concentrated is the same as Flavor Express, then why does DIYCanada list them as 2 separate flavor name categories?


Just to add to the confusion….


No wonder you accurately coined it as a Cluster Fvck.


Easiest way: when the name is specific (like ‘Mad Fruit’ or ‘Golden Mango’), then search by the name only (no brand) and you’ll (usually) be able to find your flavor.

When the name is not very specific (like ‘Lemon’ or ‘Mango’) then this obviously doesn’t work and you’ll have to add a brand too. Two choices are most common (FE) or (SC). If this still doesn’t work, then try with whatever is written on your bottle.

If the flavor is still not shown and you have it, then add it on your own - preferably using (FE) or (SC) as a brand. (see how other flavors of this same brand are written to prevent further confusion of others later)

If you don’t have this flavor yet and just want to search for more info about it, then forget about it and move on. It’s clear noone is using this flavor (it’s that bad) and even noone bothered to enter it yet in the database (it’s that bad). You saved some money at least, so that’s cool.


Why all this confusion? All these flavors are rebottled and the manufacturer did not give a permission to sell those flavors under their own brand name, so rebottlers have to make their own name; that’s why we have so many different names for same flavors (every re-bottler is using their own name/brand).

FE / (SC) / (SC) (VZ) (or originally some Chinese manufacturer) is not the only one using this policy - LA, FA, MF, CCW, Reka, and many others are all following the same policy, but since more popular brands, most vapers already know that and there’s not so much confusion involved.

It’s not ELR’s fault for this confusion; ELR can’t help in any way here (well, except to write in BOLD in flavor reviews to inform vapers what brand that actually is - just like they do regarding DAAP or other nasties).

Golden rule about unknown flavors of obscure brands: There’s a reason why they are not popular / why there’s so difficult to find any info about them = they are not worth your time and money. Skip them or if you’re adventurous, be prepared for a bumpy ride without any navigation (and noone will be able to help you later with your recipes or try them / mix them).


You nailed it @Mikser, thank you! Had to share with you this funny.