Finding someones recipes

I was watching youtube about diy and there was a link to a guys page that listed all his recipes on here. If I wanted to see all the recipes someone has posted ( say darth) how would I do that?

On (not the forum) click on the username on either the recipe list or on a recipe, that will show you all the public recipes of that person :smile:


Can you recommend a good place to start? Here’s my fear. …I could post a recipe. …I have never mixed anything. … someone else could post a recipe. …they are experienced and know what they are doing. … mine will suck …theirs will be great. …I don’t want to risk it. … I just want a good starting point. … any suggestions

Try sorting by rating, then you’ll get this list :slight_smile: Pick one you think sound good :smile:

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Thanks! !!!

Could you recommend a good sugar cookie recipe. … or maybe someone who makes good desert recipes? ???