Finish the Vape Quiz, Win AMPKING AK4030 21700 & Extra US$50 Gift Card--7/23

As the essential part of the vaping experience, a safe and high-quality battery is extremely important for you guys. Nowadays, with the increasing of high-compatibility mod, the demand for different types battery is also growing. Even our first giveaway of battery - AMPKING AK4030 21700 attracted many users to enter. We usually also received some PM of battery review. To satisfy your requirements, we specially prepare this new contest of AMPKING AK4030 21700. Are you looking for suitable battery for your new mod? Wanna try something new? It’s the time now.

--------------------------------AMPKING AK4030 21700-------------------------------------------------------

Ampking AK4030 21700 battery adopts new technology, it supports the typical capacity of 3000mAh and furthermore. The new Rapid Charging Mode can charge with 4A, which almost decreases 50% charging time. Compared with 18650 battery, its heating test is up to 130℃. According to the data of overcharging test in Lab, it doesn’t fire or explode when charging with 20V and 18A for 7 hours duration, even with the resistance load of 100mW.
Please check the Test from Mooch.

To enter:

1.Finish the vape quiz.

2.Share AMPKING AK4030 21700 on any of your social media pages.

3.Tag 3 of your friends here to enter.

1.We will pick 2 lucky winners via on July 23, 2018, who can get 2 pieces of AMPKING AK4030 21700 battery. If they give the right answer of vape quize, he/she will get extra one Heaven Gifts US$50 gift card.
2.Each person can post 5 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
3.We require at least 30 participants.


post 1

Post 2
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#1 A
(Edit: On second thought)

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#3 @Dan_the_Man @Sprkslfly @woftam

  1. All of them :star_struck:

#1. N/A
10 char


  1. This is funny,
    A will turn on with the switch
    I, N, and G will light continuously

Not sure that was what the author thought he was doing, lol.

  1. Bummer! Sorry no share. I’m an Ogre…
  1. @Silhouette @Sprkslfly @Jim22
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None as the picture is

If the switch is closed then only A will light.

M & P are not connected to negative so no light

K is only connected to negative so no light

I N & G are connected to a set of batteries with only the positive terminal so no light.


Shared on twatter.

@Lolly @Josephine_van_Rijn @DaveDave

Because will all need good batteries.


Hey @jhmiller, Look at the diagram again. This is where I think the author did something he or she didn’t intend to. I agree with you in that I believe the author wanted to show no connection from the negative side of the battery set but the connection is made to the negative side of the previous battery in the row via the connecting wire between the two batteries. The last or first battery in the row (perspective) does nothing.


I have no use for these batteries, so I’m not going to participate…
The question is, which bulbs can be lighted up?
So technically speaking, without changing anything in this diagram only A can be.

I, N, G are constantly lighted due to the lack of a switch. You can’t light what’s already lighted, right? :slight_smile: You could disconnect the lower batteries and reconnect them but that way you’re changing the diagram.

Look again my friend! :wink:
The artwork is deceptive…


agreed that 6 of the 7 in bottom row are connected in series but how they are wired is blocking every bulb from getting both poles connected to the source, right??lol, idk, whatever

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Yep I see it now, I, N, and G will light continuously.