Fire Button replacment

Anyone knw where i can get a replacment fire button for my Driptech TS
Thanks in advance

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Direct from them

Also if you are in the market for another DD, Distict F5VE has the DS for $100 and the TS for $108 today.


I live in the uk and i am not paying $40 for shipping

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$40 for the button or the mod?

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I have the mod
The button is $5 but shipping $40

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Maybe specify your location next time? I have no clue where you are from and trying to help I found your reply to my help to be kind of rude.

It looks like you will have to get on a waiting list at Custom Vapes.


Try a small door bell button. It will look funky but your mod will have some new character.

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The only thing is i need it to be threaded

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Contact the company re: Shipping alternatives. Shipping is an automated feature on Websites and a Human may be able to get creative shipping you what I imagine is a tiny bit …maybe even a plain envelope (?) Just drop them an email describing your woe …otherwise …new Mods come with new firing buttons :smirk: