Fireluke Mesh sub-ohm tank

I won this tank. I’d like to post a review of how its been working.

Whats in the box-

The tank comes with the pre-installed coil, an extra coil, spare glass, and spare o-rings (clear). I was curious which version was coming beacuse this tank comes in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Mine is the gold stainless steel version. The color looks great. The tank itself has been engraved to look like mesh. It has no other identifying marks. The actual coils that came with the tank are the exact same color and outside texture.

About the texture, I thought it might be a little rough. It’s not. It provides for a good grip. The top cap is unscrewable style. It comes off easily and the threading is very smooth. The air flow control slides easily but not too easy. There is a small metal stopper to prevent it from spinning all the way around.


The tank comes with two of the same coils. Its a .15Ω kanthal mesh rated (40-90W). This is my first experience with mesh. There are a few mesh RDA’s out there that caught my eye. But I haven’t heard of any other tanks that utilize mesh as the heating element in a sub-ohm tank. Instead of various wires this one uses a kanthal screen basicly. It touches the entire area of the cotton, and heats evenly. I’ve read that mesh coils should last longer but time will tell. I haven’t seen any clear pictures of the inside so I tried to get a photo-


After leaving the coil to wick about twenty minutes I started at 30W and worked my way up 10 watts at a time. I usually take three pulls about 2 seconds per burst. Then I go up another 10 watts. These need to break in. By the time your on your second fill is when it comes alive. Here’s a list of how it performs for me-

30W- Not much happening here. A hint of flavor.
40W- A little better but it still wants more power.
50W- A light airy vape with decent flavor. Can tell this is the low end of the spectrum.
60W- Its starting to come on now. Tastes really good and the cloud production is picking up.
70W- Boom! This thing is pumping out the flavor big-time.
80W- Same great flavor but the vapor is warming up.
90W- This thing can handle 90W easily. This is getting pretty high in wattage for my preference. Vapor is getting warmer again at this setting.

I’m really enjoying this tank. I think it gives off the best flavor of anything I currently have. It’s not mind-blowingly better but its definitely an improvement. I have gotten NO dry hits, even while chain vaping. It hasnt leaked a drop either.

It’s a little short in stature and doesn’t hold alot of juice. That’s never been a problem for me as I carry juice with me everywhere.

I dont prefer the tip that comes with it, only because I don’t like metal in my mouth. Its an 810 so I just put another one on it. The stock tip is wide but tapered towards the bottom-

*24mm Diameter Base
*Knurled Design
*Threaded Top Fill System
*Two Large Fill Ports
*Pour to Fill
*3ml Max Capacity

FireLuke Mesh Coil Family-
*0.15 ohm
*40 to 90W
*Organic Cotton
*Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control
*16mm by 2.5mm Each Airslot
Fully Closeable
*13mm Wide Bore Knurled Drip Tip
*Gold Plated 510 Connection

Product Includes:
*One FireLuke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank
*Two FireLuke 0.15 ohm Mesh Coil Head
*One Spare 3ml Glass Tank Section
*Spare Parts Pack
*User Manual

Where to buy this-

This is my first review for any vaping product. I hope the information presented helps you. Sorry about the image quality. I am using the camera on my phone. You can ask me anything you want about this tank.


Thanks for the review. Well done. I was wondering about this tank. Very informative.


Solid review. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


What you gonna do after the 2 coils it comes with are done… buy new mesh coils ? Buy some regular wire coils ? Buy a rba ? Very interested in your answer bc I have one of these tanks on the way.


Excellent job on your first review! I won this tank as well, and I would like to add my observations if you don’t mind, instead of posting a lot of the same information.

I received the stainless steel (no color). And so far I would recommend it!

I was really surprised by this! The airflow is excellent, it produces great flavor and the coil break in time is fast. It reminds me of the vape produced by my mech mod when it’s on a TC mod. It’s very different from all of my other tanks with screw in coils. Definitely my new favorite of these as far as the vapor quality. This is a very interesting option for those who prefer commercial coils to building coils. Definitely a unique experience! I wanted to get a second Crown tank for ease when I can’t build, but I like this so much better. My crown tank now feels like the airflow is very restricted.

The two cons I have are:
Where it gets filled, the top of the chimney is connected to the outer metal ring by two very thin, very easy to bend bridges. I accidentally bent one before even using it! And I don’t have very strong hands. I was able to bend it right back. I wonder if the resin version is stronger in this area.

The stainless steel feels very thin overall. Compared to other tanks, even lesser known ones, it just feels like it would get damaged easily. Again, I am wondering how the resin compares.

Despite these two cons, it does not change the facts that I would buy this tank, recommend it and will continue using it. I now know to be extremely gentle around the top of the tank and all will be fine! As For the thickness is the metal overall, I don’t believe it will effect it in the long run, but again, I am going to be extra careful with it.

I have some images of the part that bent, and general images.

This is the one specific problem area I mentioned…

Thank you @Heaven_Gifts for this wonderful new tank! I am very happy with it despite the cons I mentioned.


I’m going to order a pack of five to keep using this for sure. Its a great tank. Ive one and done tanks before, like you’re saying. The Ijoy Captain, Smok X-baby, and a couple of others, I put away without ever getting more coils. I need more Mesh in my life lol.


I am going to do the same! Despite any drawbacks, the vapor is just worth it! The coils are supposed to be longer lasting than the traditional commercial coil, I am interested in how long one holds up. I see they can be preordered, I am thinking about doing that.


VaporDNA has em. I’m going to order some from there.


Good to know! Thanks for the tip!! And again, very good job on your review! This was going to be my first review, and when I saw yours was already posted, I felt a little less nervous about adding my comment and photos, as opposed to writing my review. I hope you don’t mind. It definitely was a way of going in on the shallow end instead of diving in as you did! I am not as brave! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great reviews @INOIROC and @Jenny1978. I won this tank as well from Heaven Gifts and have to say it definitely is a great tank. I got the red resin because I knew I wouldn’t like the rough metal tip. The resin is pretty sharp looking altho it’s more pink than red. As for the thin metal disk bending, I haven’t had that problem but it looks to be the same. At least what I can tell from the pictures. As for the rest of it, it’s pretty solid.
I made the mistake in my haste of putting this on my WR mod and the first draw just about burnt my lips off. :fire: Was fine after I adjusted down. xD The coils are .15 ohm and WR told me he had used a .2 on his so figured it would be OK with the right batteries. I vaped on it for awhile but to be on the safe side I stuck it on a regulated mod.
Not much more to say about it that hasn’t already been said. It’s a nice vape. Great flavor. No leaking. I prefer to build my own coils but for this one I’ll definitely order extra.
Thanks @heaven_gifts for putting some mesh in my life. :heart:


Thanks heaven gifts! My Fireluke Mesh arrived today! Super quick DHL shipping. Crack this open later today.


Alright! Look at all of us Meshing around lol. I had to use that, I heard Zophie say it.

What kind of juices are you guys running in yours? I’ve had Sweet Strawberry Cream by CheebaSteeba in mine. Tastes awesome.


I’m gonna use this. Soon as get home.


$5 for 60mL. With code VapeNow


All the replacement mesh coils appear to be SS in color… idk about y’alls tank but mine came with matching coils… heaven gifts sent the rainbow version and it came with 2 matching rainbow coils . Wonder if we going to be able to buy matching replacement coils or do we all have to go with the generic SS color…


Gonna look good in yours… because you got the SS version…

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I noticed that! Hopefully the color coils become available when this is available to order more. It’s still a pre-order many places. Maybe that is what’s going on.

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Thanks for the reviews @INOIROC @Jenny1978 and @Mew!


@INOIROC and @Jenny1978 thank you for a review and helpful information!


Congrats again guys and glad you all like the tank. Thanks for the reviews