First DIY and Got NIC Sick. How?

Been vaping for 5-6 Years. Went from 18mg - 12mg - 6mg - 3mg for the past 3 years.
First attempt at DIY
2 x 120 ML recipes
USA Nic 48mg VG
Mixed by volume
All Flavoring are from TPA/TFA
Followed recipe guide on this site.
Desired Strength was 3mg.
Yes i verified multiple times that nicotine strength was set to 48mg and desired was set to 3mg on the calculator.

Both recipes called for the same amount of VG and NIC.
88.5ML VG

Only difference was PG as one had more flavor than the other.

Shake n Vape both took about 10 puffs. 5 of each.
Heartbeat raised.
Felt like vomiting.

Tried it again today.
3 puffs and felt the same.

Made 10ml versions of both with 0 Nic.
Shaken like a mad man along with a milk frothier
hotboxed 5ml of each in 20 minutes.
Didnt feel a single thing. Didnt taste all that great but it ruled out flavor pg or vg as the culprit.

Both batches were shaken and milk frothier used to the point that it had so many small bubbles that didnt go away until the next day.

I wore gloves.

One thing i did do was put the nic in a warm water bowl to loosen up the VG.
Shook that very well before opening and using a syringe to pull out the desired amount.

Did the nic somehow clumped to the top?
I used a 10ml syringe without any needles.

I shook it between each batch and more.

I cant figure out why its so strong. Even 18mg in the past never got me feeling this dizzy and nauseated.

Thanks Guys

Did you test your nic? Maybe it’s not 48mg…it could be more.

I haven’t used USA nic before. Maybe someone can comment on that. I only use nicselect.


Sorry Its liquid Barn
USA Made NIC VG based 48mg
On the back it said 4.8% nic

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I doubt that very much. As for the other thing I was going to say, @Chrispdx beat me to it. :grinning:


They can make mistakes, won’t be the first time this happens. Get a Nic kit and test it for yourself.

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Yes u could try mixing just pg, vg, nic. But I still recommend testing the bottle of nic. There could have been hot spots…but if you warmed and shook just prior to dispensing it should be fine.

Out side of that…if it’s really 48mg nic…then sadly I blame user error. (Could be a bad batch…but doubtful). It takes a strong person to admit it…but I did it once. It ruined 8 bottles of ejuice. I didn’t get sick, but everything was peppery. Even though I mix with nic suspended in pg I didn’t shake it well. I got cocky and lazy. I shook it, but just not as well.

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Where would i get one?

I redid the calculations by changing the nic strength to 100mg instead of the 48.

This would put the nic level at 6.25mg which shouldn’t do much of a difference. Especially only 3 puffs today.

Since you used 7.5ml of nic and if the nic would be 100mg it would set the mg in that mix to 7.5mg

less, he mixed 120ml, more like 6.25

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[quote=“TyFoxx, post:7, topic:125086”]
Where would i get one?


Looked quickly and saw 100ml somewhere, my bad


Good point. I’ll try mixing 10 ML with 80vg/20pg and 3mg nic
I took out the nic from the freezer a few hours ago, which i transferred into a glass container after my first batch was done.
Its room temp now and have been soaking in warm water for 10 minutes.
I just got done shaking it for at least 5 minutes.

I dont mind admitting i made a bad batch. I would like to know where i went wrong.
But i researched a lot before doing this and cant figure out what went wrong.

They all tasted good, not that much flavor as i assume it needs to steep a bit.
Cuttwood Monster Melon Clone
Honeydewwy Boba Clone.

by the way, keep your nic away from heat at all times… do not soak it in hot water :slight_smile:

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More like luke warm, about the temp that you would give an infant a bath in.
I have it in glass and was planning on leaving it in the freezer.

nope, if you want to defrost it, put it in the fridge overnight. any lukewarm water bath will be bad for your nic. And since you’re already complaining, having issues… maybe you just don’t need to look any further than that.

Keep your nic cool, dark and as much as possible away from O2.

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Another thing to note is that you shouldn’t use mixers, frothers and other power tools to mix your e-juice containing nicotine. You’re exposing it even more to O2 bringing all the bubbles in the juice. Just shake your juices well and give them time to steep. You’ve got to have patience for your steep and plan ahead. Forcing to steep with heat and power tools will more likely damage your end result than anything else.

If you want to speed steep, do it without the nicotine in it, then afterwards add nic and give it a really good shake.

Are they that volatile that a brand new bottle sitting in luke warm water for 5-10 minutes will make it go bad?

it shouldn’t, but since you’re having issues, exclude anything in the process/product that might cause an issue.


You’ve got a point but not the right one for this particular issue. Heat is bad for your nicotine because it will degrade it, so it’ll lose strength and maybe the taste will go off. The problem is that his nicotine appears to be a lot stronger than it should be and he’s getting a rush from it, which cannot have anything to do with slightly warming it to loosen up the VG. :slight_smile:


You’re right Josephine, but every time I see people saying they combine heat and nicotine and frothers and stuff, i get the shivers down my spine :slight_smile:
And usually those people are experiencing issues with the nicotine (peppery, bad, too much, not enough, whatever) as well. That’s why I just add my 2 cents and tell them the ideal way of working with nicotine and e-juices. Not saying this is going to make the whole problem go away.