First DIY, E-Liquid Materials Order

Wow right on. I guess once I see the conversion from volume to weight measurements are simple and the scale does all the work it won’t be scary. Just been thinking in terms of mL’s … have to convert to oz’s…umm…right? LOL…better google it so I don’t seem completely impaired :astonished:

It’s mL to grams actually.

See there!

I’m converting too

ok excellent…we can bumble through this together…always better that way :slight_smile:

It’s really easy. The calculator does everything for you once you switch from drops to grams in your user preferences on the site. The hardest part is just keeping track of everything you’ve added and keeping up with stock. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll mix tons of juice and need to order lots of stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is basically two steps. Add and tare (zero out). Add bottle (put the bottle on the scale) and press tare. Add something until it gets where it is supposed to be. Press tare. Add something else. Press tare. Repeat ad nauseum and thank us later. :wink: Enjoy!


right on :slight_smile: I am exaggerating my fear of the scale just a bit for some levity, but I DO thank you very much for the tare refresher! It sounds like at the end of the day it will actually be easier and require less equipment. My initial order is well over a hundred bucks as it is…I am hoping that it will just be a few dollars here and there for flavor samples from here on out though. Just can’t get that sonic care tooth/gum stimulator/brush that people use for agitating the mixed liquids, speeding and heating up the steeping process. I think (as advised) I will stay with the K.I.S.S. method for now and just try not to do much damage.

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I’m just tired of cleaning out tons of syringes and blunt tips. Not much of a dish washer here hahaha

The sonic thing people talk about isn’t the toothbrush it is an ultrasonic cleaner used for cleaning jewelry. As far as heat steeping you can also use a bowl of dry, uncooked rice heated up in the microwave. Just be careful not to get it too hot, as heat can change the taste of your juice. I don’t do any kind of heat or speed steeping. I use a milk frother to whip my juice up and then stick it in a box. I just can’t be bothered with all that other stuff. :slight_smile:

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Another suggestion I would have to make is to keep things simple by leaving the “Use Manufacturer Specific Gravities” box unchecked under “user preferences” on the calculator, and just use the default of 1 mL = 1 g for all flavors. A small fraction of a gram one way or the other isn’t going to make much difference. Any real adjustments that need to be made to a recipe will be determined by taste, not by a three-hundredths of a gram difference in specific gravity. The difference between the weight of water and the specific gravity of a PG-based flavoring is not much greater than the acceptable tolerance of the scale itself.

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The milk frother is a fantastic little gadget for mixing e-liquid. It would take forever shaking by hand to get as much thorough homogenization as you get with the milk frother in just a few seconds. It introduces such a saturation of micro-bubbles of air, that by the time the bubbles have all left the liquid, the components are about as mixed as they’re ever going to get.

sounds like we have a plan. I am going to just use the whipper and Father Time to make my brews.

Did you guys more or less just start with 1 & 2 flavor recipes and get those nailed first or did you just go for it on the more complex recipes? I am also wondering what the smallest (realistically) test batch sizes can be without being TOO small. Trying to ask anything I can think of so as not to waste too much materials on my first endeavors.

With all these little bottles that are about to show up I am going to have a hard time showing restraint.

@MarkM: I am definitely a K.I.S.S. man…wherever possible.

If you really want to do it right start with single recipes to get to know the flavoring. In future mixes it will help you determine what % will work well with another flavoring.

Make sure you take notes as you taste the single mixes, note the smell as well. In fact take notes on the entire mixing process. I write them down as writing helps to push information to long term storage in your brain.

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excellent…thanks.I am definitely keeping a recipe/process journal as my LTS brain area is…well…compromised :slight_smile:
thanks bud!

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I hear ya, hehe. The taking of personal flavor notes will really help, maybe not right away but down the road it will. I can look at a recipe on the site and tell if it will be vapable or not.

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gotcha. I come from a culinary background so I am hoping some of the same abilities to ID tastes and aromatics etc will lend themselves to some intuitive mixing. Honestly I am excited as hell to get started. Seems like every vape store has fruity and sweet juices coming out the yin-yang, so I plan on exploring the more spice/herbal/tobac tastes like cloves and nutmeg and from what I am hearing horchata can be fun. I feel confident I can replicate the staples like Mother’s Milk (aka Space Milk, etc) closely enough to be happy but the savory instead of sweet experimenting is what I am truly looking forward to.

My plan is pretty much to nail some single or single+enhancer flavors and keep those as staples and go from there with combinations that make sense. Or make no sense whatsoever…whichever works :slight_smile:


Your background should definitely help, flavor pairing is a big factor in making a great mix. We have a couple here with a culinary background and they make some good stuff.

the best reason to switch to mixing by weight IMO!!! :smile:

Hang onto a couple of them though. A big dropper for VG and a really small necked bottle can be a pain and that’s when a syringe with a blunt tip needle is very nice to have.

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