First DIY Recipe!

Hi folks!
Well I ordered a bunch of flavourings, loosely based on popular recipes and reviews from here.
Well for the past week or so I have been immersed in my own wee world trying flavours and basically experimenting with recipes and so far so good!
Well I was thinking of creating a light and refreshing vape for myself and as I love the Apple Fuji,FA flavour I thought that would be a good starting point.
Initially I mixed it with Lemonade but felt it didn’t have the desired effect for me.
Next I tried the champagne, TPA, which was surprisingly a good tasty mix.
Probably like all newbies my percentages were a little high, about 10% for the Apple Fuji and about 8% for the Champagne.
I cut them back quite considerably and expected the flavour to be too weak but again, surprise,surprise! They tasted full and tasty.
I then looked at adding my other apple flavour to the mix, double apple FW, to see what could be achieved this time I kept the percentage low and to me it worked and added a nice depth to the apple flavour.
Lastly I added the Koolada to get a cooling, fresh effect and again it added a nice touch, although it must be said that it tastes just as good without!
I would love to receive some feedback, whether that is positive or negative but mostly constructive to help me understand the process of creating a recipe that would be enjoyed by all
Please leave comments either here or on the recipe page!
All feedback welcome!


First,congratulations on a good tasty mix. If you check out the Flavor Pairing thread you’ll notice that Wines/Champagne mix well with fruits. Anyway, just wanted to add the fact that Koolada has no taste so it should have little effect on other flavors. The only effect should be your cool mouth feel. I have never heard of it muting other flavors either so it can be a nice addition for those who want that cooling effect…

Thanks for the kind words ringling!
Yes the Koolada added a coldness but the taste remained the same.
Quite a good effect to have!
Now I will need to check out some wines! Lol

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That would be extremely hard if not impossible to achieve :grinning:

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Agreed that maybe I am maybe a little ambitious but hey, who knows? Lol

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You will find that most FA flavors are pretty good right around the 2% range, though this does vary. You are on the right track though. Mix, test, remix. Good job. I don’t have the FA Double Apple. It says I don’t have the Koolada. But I have another brand I think. I have never used it.

Congrats on your first mix it looks tasty. I don’t have the double apple anymore. However I have two apples by INW so I may whip up that adaption and check it out. I haven’t used koolada in a while but if never muted any thing I made with it. I love the name btw cute lil play on words :smile:

I’ll let ya know how it goes. ( with the adapted version )

Be interested to know about the flavour profiles of your other brands.
As you say taste is subjective and yes I agree that the FA products are a bit higher in taste profile which results in lower percentages used, hence why I cut back on mine.
Thanks for your comments and I look forward to your critique.

Thanks Amy that would be great!
On the subject of the INW flavours I have found them superb! I was going to order the apple flavours from them but I will be interested to know your take on the flavour.
Can see another order being placed! Lol

A quick question that I forgot to ask?
Regarding the champagne flavour.
I personally find it quite true in profile but I don’t seem to get a fizz effect on the tongue?
Would my percentage be too low to achieve this or is there something else that adds that effect?