First ever mix

Hi all. I’m about to start my first mix. I’m going to use capella lemon juice and capella new york cheese cake. Was unsure of how much of each to use so I can get lemon cheesecake any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

New York Cheesecake is a forgiving concentrate, and can be used at a wide range of concentrations.

If your going for a two flavour mix using the conc’s stated, I would be shooting for something along the lines of:

CAP NY Cheesecake - 7%
CAP Juicy Lemon - 3%

If you want a more full flavour, you might want to consider some creams and another lemon or lime to compliment the mix.

As an example:


Thanks. What if u mix them singley?

If you mix them on their own it’s ok too but it won’t be nearly as concentrated as it would be if mixed together in a mix. Think of all the pg/vg that is diluting the one flavor that you’ll have to blend w/ another flavor that too is diluted by additional pg/vg …if they’re mixed together not only are you not wasting base ( pg/vg ) but they’ll steep properly and blend more readily.

Although I do know ppl who like to make single flavors and then add some of this to that and blend right in there tanks so it can be done.

Hope this makes sense.



Yes it does. What percentage should I use if mixing singley??

That I wouldn’t know honestly it depends on how well you know the flavor and how strong you’d like it. On ELR there’s a suggested ratio on how a flavor is used there’s a median value that a lot of ppl stick to using that but there’s an average one as well. As far as a SA ( stand alone ) flavor there is a set ratio guide for this as well it’s just about in the middle of the page.

click on this link

this will bring you to Lemon Sicily Capella’s flavor page on ELR look at the values that say single flavor recommendations. This is where you’ll want to focus on if you’re using it on it’s own over to the left would be if you were to use it in a mix ( w/ other flavors )

It says 4.2 % is where it’s used averagely and the median usage point is 6% this will be most likely where you’ll end up but feel free to use it at the lower point and see if you’d like it bolder.

@Joy mixes this way …Joy if you have time maybe you can chime in on making single flavors and what %s you like best !

I rarely make SA - Single flavor mixes and when I do it’s to learn a new flavor. You are on a great path to learning the profiles to your flavors which is paramount in DIY mixing !


Thank you so much


When I mix up my single flavors, I do it based on the manufacturer. All TPA flavors, I mix at 15%, Capella at 20%, INW. FLV and FA at 5%. BUT, (Big But), Then when I throw several flavors in my tank to vape a mix, I would play it by ear adding more or less of each flavor. One example would be if I wanted say a banana vape, I’d start with mostly banana at around 6% or about 2 dropperfulls, then add some butterscotch (1 droperful), pie crust about 6 drops. bourbon 3 drops and cake batter 4 drops. Then, i’ll add some diluter. Diluter is unflavored VG/PG/Nic.

I hope this makes sense to all of you. This is how I mix and vape.
I also keep 2 mixes on hand that I add to differently each time I fill my tank. Those are an ‘apple mix’ and a 'peach custard mix". The apple mix is approximately 10% TPA Apple, with some raison and waffle. When I’m going to fill my tank, I add more TPA Waffle or sometimes Gelato. Sometimes I add Glazed donut, Cake Batter and Maple syrup instead. Sometimes I add Caramel and Caramel candy instead. I do not care for cinnamon in my apple mixes. Recently, I have been adding Real Flavors Apple. It gives me the bit or tartness I had been using TPA Sour to get.

The MAIN Idea is… I’m using steeped flavors, but mixing them right before I vape them.
To ME, I get to taste things best this way. Sometimes the things I throw together get really good in an hour or supurb overnight. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve emptied a tank down the drain.
My method allows me to be able to daily mix and taste each individual flavor. Every time I get a new flavor concentrate, I dilute it as a single flavor and put it in my cupboard that sits in front of me on my coffee table.

It’s just common sense to try some rubarb (only a couple of drops in your tank) versus making that the main ingredient in a mix. I also tend to add some custard to a lot of mixes. I also add EM or cotton candy or marshmellow just before I vape a tank.

Today which is highly unusual, I was having an issue of not tasting enough flavor in my apple and my peach mixes, but I have a cold. I put a new Titanium coil in my Aromamizer and ‘bang’ now I have wonderful flavor again. Never before have I experienced this so clearly. Usually, I can scrub a coil and bring it to flavor heaven again. But, perhaps these particular Claptons have a time limit on giving good flavor. I’m not sure. Maybe they last too long. lol.

Well, nothing is ever black/white is it? Years ago when I was re-arranging nic nacs and wanted it perfect, I realized that it doesn’t have to be the very best way, and I can always change it tomorrow. Both or several ways are good. As for mixing flavors… I’d say just beware of overdoing it. If you go over the hump, you won’t taste anything but flavor concentrate rather than individual flavors. Choose minimum every time. Try mixing singles in you dripper, and when you hit on something very good, jot it down. Sorry my mixing is so sloppy and therefore hard to share specifics. I don’t mix specifically much at all. Someone said that I must have a lot of time. No… it doesn’t take time. See… if you make something different all the time, you can taste it. That’s why I do this. I can’t taste things after I’ve tasted them a long time. When I do get some things that are good, I do mix them up for later, but it’s usually just the same way I mix in my tank. I use single flavors that are diluted and steeped. You just wouldn’t believe how some flavors really get nice after several months. Even some that were weird have their particular ‘day’ where they are perfect. NOW,… That would be an art of mixing! … if we mixed based on steep time that was individual to the flavors.
Well it is hit and miss for me. Good days and some surprisingly wonderful. Most are wonderful. Thank goodness for my vape. I really enjoy it.

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Thank you Joy I knew I could count on you and your single flavor loving self you have the experience w/ them I test them single flavor the first go around to see what it is like then I move on to using them in a mix and never go back to single flavor mixes.

Awesome thanks !!!

@Tris1 read Joy’s info ^^^^ she is the one who really mixes like you say single batches and then blends what she wants out of those single mixes!!!