First foray

I started exploring diy mixing when my favourite juice was discontinued thanks to tpd. I loved my particle x by space jam but it won’t be available in tpd compliant bottles until September /October! Sod that! Thanks to ELR and all the mixologists sharing information and resources I managed to get the kit and the ingredients and some basic knowledge to work on my own particle x. My first mix was a nervous affair. 10ml to start and only an idea of the flavours involved nevermind the percentages. My first mix completed and a tongue test had me convinced I’d cracked it first try. I couldn’t wait for steeping and threw a few mils in my tank and by jove it’s bang on! I plan to mix a larger batch tomorrow and let it steep for a few days but after a quick look at my recipe I realised I’d made a mistake on my first mix. Thankfully my notes came to the rescue and I can reproduce the results, again, thanks to you guys for suggesting we take notes. I will post my recipe once I’ve steeped and tested properly and finally a quick screw you to Mrs May and the euro nazis who want to stop me and my fellow vapers from enjoying our safe alternative to the evil cigarette


I look at all of our work and notes as R&D for not only personal here and now, but for posterity. Having fun along the way and enjoying the fruition of our labor is frosting on the cake! :sunglasses:


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and finally a quick screw you to Mrs May

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This video is not available in my country, mustn’t be tpd compliant :joy::joy:

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What a shame but we have TPD overhere so… it must be Theresa’s Perfect Day compliant?

Not an easy thing to do!! Good job!