First GearBest order

OK, I have a question…

I placed my first order with yesterday, for a couple of tanks, and some spare coils and batteries. This morning, I got an e-mail from Rose Wholesale asking for photographic proof of my identity and credit card. Lots of red flags went up immediately. Can anyone tell me if this is legit or not?

Thank you.

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I have heard of this recently as Fastech asked me to do the same thing when I wanted to cancel an order. I chose to have paypal handle it. I didn’t want to partake but it is common practice.

I’ve ordered from gearbest b4 and that never happened. My order was for battery’s. About 2 months ago. They just sent it. Sent me a confirmation email. But nothing asking for pics and shit

Maybe there just trying to cover there @$$ and make sure your old enough to Vape. ! New reg!??!!?

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I had this happen when placing an order over the weekend in eciggity. I told them I would not send a picture of my photo Id. I told them I was happy to do it over FaceTime, or send other nominal forms of id like a photo of my business, print screen from my work hr profile as well as an email from my work account. All of which corresponded to my order since I wanted the items shipped to my work.

Thankfully eciggity was willing to accept my proposed options.

I know why they asked, they were protecting me and themselves. I submitted a large order to get myself setup for coil building (all of the good stuff) with an rda, rta, a new mod, and batteries (6) The bill was awfully high. But at them same time I will never send my photo I’d across the Internet.

Thanks for all the replies. I think I’ll contact them to arrange payment via another method, like PayPal. In case anyone is wondering, here is the communication I received…

Thanks for your order at Rosewholesale.
We’ve received the payment information,and now please help us confirm this payment.Your order is now ON HOLD,we need to complete this one-time verification.This is a standard anti-fraud check for online payment,please check our website for more details here :

We will process your order as soon as we receive the payer’s ID confirmation.
Please provide us the following documents:1) 1 color photo of your identity card or passport or driving license.
The photo must show clearly, the full name, expiry date, signature and address if applicable.You can hide the date of birth and document number for your privacy.
2) 1 credit card photo of the card used for the payment
For your safety , please just show the cardholder’s name,the expiry date and the last 4 numbers.If
you have paid with a virtual credit card please send us sreenshot of
your electronic bills, which shows the card number and details.If you have paid by Paypal,please send the credit card’s copy that you have registered in PayPal.Kindly make sure both attachments’ size do not exceed 2 MB.
Please rest assured that we just want to make sure that this transaction was indeed made by the cardholder.Our goal is to ensure this order’s safety for both of us.As we do not wish to delay your order please kindly reply us within 3 business days.We
guarantee all data you send will be destroyed as soon as the payment
has been verified, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any question, we are happy to help.Thank you very much for your help and understanding.
Best Regards.
AngelinaRosewholesale Customer Service

Yeah. Hmmmm. Photo of your credit card too? Ugggg. For me personally I am a worry wort. Then again I am a sissy when it comes to online ordering.

What does Rose Wholesale have to do with GearBest? I know several people have ordered from GB and not seemed to have a problem, but that sounds kinda hinky. I’m guessing they’re owned by the same people?

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Yeah, I had thought about that, but it seems quite strange. Rose Wholesale seems interested in apparel and fashion accessories. So, I’m not going to send them anything. If the GearBest order gets cancelled, so be it. This was my first time trying to buy from there, and it may well be my last.


Send a PM to @Zarya and ask that she looks into this.
It seems very odd to me that you order vaping gear from Gearbest and a wholesale store for clothing suddenly pops up to ask for private info.
While it does happen sometimes that payments need confirmation with Gearbest, I think this may be a case of phishing.

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That all sounds a bit iffy to me. Ordered 3 times in the last two mts and never had any of that milarkie. Paid via paypal and orders accepted and dispatched no problem. 1 confirmation email and that was it.
Be safe!

OK, well… I think it is fishy. I actually did pay via PayPal, and the PayPal transaction went through on the 8th, when I placed the order. I told the Rose Wholesale person through the ticketing system that I was not going to send what they asked for over the Internet. This morning, I wake up to e-mails from them saying that there was something wrong with their system, and one from GearBest that the order has been shipped out. I have a tracking number with Netherlands Post, but it doesn’t pull anything up yet (that’s not too unusual for an international shipment).

Yeah, I think I will PM @Zarya. Thanks.

Three letters: FDA

I would gladly show my pic ID at time of delivery, but I’ll be damned if I send them one over email along with my CC.
I ordered from Fasttech last Wed/Thursday and they didn’t ask for it. In truth, I don’t order from GB. They are legit, but their shipping really sucks.

Yeah, it was all too fishy to me. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, you know. I basically told them to sod off, but then later got an e-mail with a tracking number. So far, no reply from @Zarya to the PM I sent earlier, and I know she was online today because she posted a couple things in the GearBest thread in the Vendor area. :thinking:

Don’t worry,Zeroedln,I am dealing with it now.And I will reply to you later.


GearBest order was delivered today, complete. A few of the boxes within the package were beat up pretty badly, but everything was there. Had good communication with @Zarya via PM. Thank you, Zarya, and GearBest. Cheers.

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Glad you got it. It took 3 weeks?

Yup, it was shipped via Netherlands Post. Actually, when I order from FastTech, it takes about the same amount of time.

You are welcome.Zeroedln,hope you could received it asap,:grinning:and any problem you could pm me.:blush: