First Nom Nomz order

I looked but couldn’t workout where to post this so if a moderator thinks there’s a more appropriate place then please move.

I have just placed my first order with Nom Nomz with a total of about 30 concentrates. A little extravagant and I’ll have to face the wrath of my financial advisor in due course I’m sure.
I’ve been toying with the notion of trying them for a long time as they have some alternative manufacturers to Chefs and to what’s available to me domestically within Australia.

Probably a bit silly considering Chefs offered me a 20% discount but I did receive a 10% from Nomnomz as a first time customer and a whopping 50p discount for signing up…shouldn’t mock as that’s better than a kick below the belt (being polite).

The main reason was to try some Stixx mix NETS and Solubarome that I’ve seen a lot of love for.

It’ll be interesting to see how long the order takes to arrive.

Forgot to ask they had some Sasami concentrates incredibly cheap so I figured for a few pence I’d try a couple. I was unable to find much information about them which coupled with the fact they’re obviously getting rid of them makes me think they’re probably shocking.
Has anybody had any experience with this manufacturer and able to offer me any advice in what to expect?


I went a bit stupid and ordered about 20 when I first found them. The only two I really use is Apricot which is awesome but keep it extra low (less than 0.5%) and Malaga Ice Cream is the other one.

My last Nomz nomz order took less than 2 weeks to get down here.


I ended up with these but for £1.25 even if one is decent they’re worth a go.
I’ll treat them as SCs then, thanks.