First RDA Test and Build

So i finally got one of my RDA’s (AV Clone) out to try…

Messy Build…

Nice and Compact…

Fantastic flavour and vapor production.

I put 2 0.9ohm Coils in and it came out at 0.4ohm so 30w works perfectly.


nice going @Grubby :smiley: throw those pics on this thread over here…lot of cool pics and advice from the family :thumbsup:


Looks a bit uneven, but if it works who gives @!#?@! what it looks like :smiley:

(Unsolicited advice warning) If you open it up to drip and notice one side is bone dry and the other side is still wet, you may want to try to get both coils either more spaced or more compressed - whichever, just more even.

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Haha yep literally just threw those coils in, to test the RDA, works surprisingly well :wink:

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RDAs are generally very forgiving, great way to learn to build. But anything you can do with duals to make the coils and cotton exactly the same helps as you reach the refill point. Like when you make your bundle, make it long enough for both coils, so it’s the same amount in each. It will work best (I promise) if the end of your wick just touches the deck. Practice makes perfect.

Oh, and try hemp wick and rayon. You’vegot options NOW Grubbs.

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