First recipe suggestion help please based on these stipulations

I purchased flavors based on what sounded good without checking recipes and now have no clue which way to go without being wasteful……

What I have:

2 gal 70-30 6%

100 ml empty bottles

All flavors are 30 ml

Tfa: cream soda, braverian cream, juicy peach, French vanilla cream, ripe banana, orange cream, raspberry sweet

Flavor west: natural pineapple, natural orange

Flavor jungle: coconut

Flavor express: candy sugar

I have the juice head peach pear and I love the bold flavor and sweet taste. I’m looking for all the flavors to clone this taste using this websites recipe, but do not have those flavors on hand.

Most flavors I’ve tasted are not strong enough to satisfy my taste and thus the reason for wanting to create my own.

Based on all the above info, what is my suggested first recipe?


Use the suggested pcts of each and see how they turn out mixed together I guess…Not all flavors are good or work well together . I would start over and grab some more flavors . You don’t have to buy 100s of flavors but there are some that you should have . If your trying to create something in particular then your stash shpuld reflect that .

Juicy Peach
Coconut low
Bavarian Cream
One Of your oranges

Find the right pcts and this should work …


Welcome to blending.

It would be useful to get a better idea of what you like about each of the flavours you have, rather than detailing something you like but cannot make.


Basically I like sweet and very strong defined flavors as my tastebuds can’t depict subtle hints of flavor. For example, I taste no peach flavor in flavor head peach pear. I only taste the pear but I like the bold flavor and the lingering sweetness.


Couple of things that need to be mentioned.

  1. Buy 10ml bottles (or max 20/30ml), because you won’t need those 100ml bottles at all for a looong time. (and buy a scale)
  2. Next time you should buy 10ml flavors (why would you want to buy 30ml of unknown flavors? Since inexperienced, avoid ordering flavors because they ‘sound good’ or based on pics and avoid ordering without checking recipes/reviews).
  3. If jumping straight to DIY from cigarettes, then you rather buy a bottle or two of one-shots. Good to have to prevent you from going back to stinkies in case your first mixing attempts don’t result in a decent vape.

Compiling new order now. Added 240 mil of Super Sweet Capella as I will be adding sweet to every recipe.

Looking through recipes now to see what I’m missing. I just discovered “my stash” tool which will be very helpful.


Great advice. My son made me a few sample flavors and I purchased the flavors he used. I did add a few based on sound or sight. I shoulda known better.


That is an obscene amount of Super Sweet! I blend almost everyday and I only keep one 10ml bottle of it.


Looking for

Pear (fa)
Yellow peach (cap)

Not listed on flavor jungle. What is a suggested place for these?


Ya if yiur only doing fruits SS is fine. Different sweeteners for different profiles imo . 240ml is a lot . Can I suggest splitting that and grabbing FW sweetener and Cap SS…


Bull City flavors is my go to Flavor Store in the USA


MIKSER, please help me understand one shot. Is it a set amount of multiple flavors to mimic a recipe found in this group? Do one shots only make 1 20 ml bottle or how does that whole thing work ?


One Shots are flavor concentrates that are premixed to be a complete recipe.

Check Oneshots here at Chefs to get an idea.


@Al_Supak, I couldn’t have said it better ^^^^.


@Al_Supak, once again, @Mikser is right. A One-Shot is ALL the flavors, in ONE-SHOT !!! You still need to add your base VG/PG, and NIC, but it’s ONE thing to add for a full recipe.

Luckily for you, and the rest of us @daath has given us the SAME ability on ANY recipe you find on ELR. If you find a recipe that you DO LIKE, and not one you THINK you like, you can go into the recipe, and click the blue wrench, and choose the Make One Shot option.


Headed to Houston now to buy the L200. I’m gonna grab a 1 shot to see what it’s all about. Thanks 4 elaborating.


Welcome and glad you joined.


That is a great idea.

here is a place for one-shots that DIYers create They sell them at Chefs also.

@Al_Supak welcome to ELR!!!



Also Mr “cart before the horse”, it might be a good idea to find some highly rated recipes in here and read the comments on them, see what people have to say about the recipe, to try and make an educated guess as to whether YOU might like it.
There are some threads in thesse forums where people brag on their recipes or talk about what recipes from other mixers that they love, also a thread that talks about simpler 2 or 3 flavor mixes.
Most everyone goes into this like an excited puppy and they want to become the mad scientist of mixing overnight, and many get discouraged after making batch after batch of crummy recipes.
Listening to the folks on here can really streamline your road to success, so dont take advice lightly.
Also, each flavor extract has notes in its “profile page”. While its boring to read these, it can prevent you from buying extracts that taste like crap.
Also, learn this site. Searching for a recipe, for instance, lets say you search “peach gummy rings”…
The site then pulls up recipes.
Now put your finger on the spot that says “ratings”. This will bring up those recipes that have received the best ratings and most comments…
Find a few good mixers and follow them. Great to use someone elses experience while you grow your own.
Beware of flavor clearances. You wind up with a bunch of flavors that no one wants, and eventually drawers full of bottles of weird stuff that gets in the way of you being able to find the flavors you like. I have 370 flavors, over half have only been sniffed. Red licorice, energy drink, cantelope, good god what was I thinking?
Learn, and use one shots and tried and true recipes to create your own success.
Good luck in your journey.
Oh, one more thing, you can search the forums for topics instead of jumping on right away to ask a question that has been covered numerous times. For instance, “whats the best vanilla?”, “single flavor testing”, etc. There’s your question, after a search, with months of answers all just sitting there at the ready.
Really streamlines your education.