First recipe's on paper am I on track?

Hey first thanks for your time in input. After looking at flavour % recommendations on the list and info from others these are my first recipe’s on paper what do you think am I on the right track?
They are 50/50 mixes atm probally steer towards the 60vg/40pg mark. 30ml bottles.

  1. Tutti fruti deluxe (f aprentice) 6.5% 1.95ml
    Strawberry (f art) 5% 1.5ml
    Kiwi (FW) 4% 1.2ml
    Sweetener (FW) 1.5% 0.45ml
    Nic 18mg at 5ml 100% pg to give 3% nic
    Vg Base 15ml

  2. unicorn vomit (FW) 8.6% 2.58ml
    Fruit sticky gum (f aprentice) 5% 1.5ml
    Sweetener 1.5% 0.45ml
    Nic 18mg 100% pg at 10ml to give 6% nic
    15.5ml vg base

  3. hypno(f aprentice) 5.3% 1.59ml
    Strawberry(f art) 6.5% 1.95ml
    Lemon(f aprentice) 3.2% 0.96ml
    Sweetener 1.5% 0.45ml
    Nic 18mg 100% pg at 10ml to give 6% nic
    Vg Base 15ml

  4. fruit sticky gum (f aprentice) 4% 1.2ml
    Water melon candy (f aprentice) 5.5% 1.65ml
    Citrus Punch (f apprentice) 5% 1.5ml
    Sweetener 1.5% 0.45ml
    Nic 18mg 100%pg at 10ml to give 6% nic
    Vg Base 15ml

Thanks in advance

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Well you got them down on paper so that is the right direction - i cant really comment on some of the % 's because i do not have all the flavours.

However there are is one that stands out to me on first look i assume your fa strawberry is red touch I wouldn’t really go over 3% with that but each to their own.

I would not add any sweetener until you have tasted the juice then add it if it is required.

Good luck


I agree with woftam. I believe you have a good start since you have basic recipes, but can’t give any advice since I have not worked with the flavors. To add on the sweetener issue, I recommend starting at around .25% and then working up to 1%. Some flavors just don’t need it. Good luck and keep us updated.


@woftam said it all , i like to write down ideas when they pop in my head ( not the recipe) but the flavors im thinking about to create what popped in my head


I’m a bit boring :slight_smile: but have you tried single flavor testing already? try your flavors in a single mix and see what % you like it at and how they steep over time. This is priceless information when you start mixing your liquids.

FA flavors usually shine in the 1.5% to 3% range. Going over that will likely mute flavors.


I’ve finally got round the first obstacle’s… maths, using less concentrate, separate vg and pg rather than a premix and tried a few flavours. I’ve now made 3 batches of 60vg/40pg this morning with 3 and 6% nicotine levels which will steep for a while. Finally got a breakthrough with tasting the flavours in some samples and everything not muted.ill post the results. It feels good to be a scientist :joy: