First steps with White Chocolate (MF)

I’ve bought white chocolate (MF) a while ago, not so much as a standalone flavor but more becuase I read the reviews where some people describe it to be very rich and with a good texture.

Any thoughts on the white chocolate? I thought I’ll just add some to my standard custard which is basically a lot of CAP VC, CAP NY cheesecake and Holy Resurrection to get a first idea.

I couldn’t find many recipes I can make with my stash. Any recommendation on anything which works well with white chocolate (MF) are welcome!



Yeah I’ve seen those… don’t have the flavors and they look too complex and to new for me alltogether.

MF stuff is not so single flavor friendly, right? How long does it steep (if this is still a thing with these new blenders)?


Ok best way for me to describe this flavor is silky with a light cream mouthfeel …Ive always told people if your using all MF and need a cream White Choco can do that down low between .4 to .6 pct …No its not Marshmallow fluffy but it can take on the silky feel Cap Sweet Cream has …I have used it as high as .8 pct but that’s as far as ive pushed it . White Choc is a long steeper and at the .8pct range you get that light choc taste you would get from a Candy Bar ( white choco )…First time I use it at the higher end it had a bad taste for the first week almost like a bad rubber off note it did steep out …

@Bad_Influence looks like I actually used this flavor between .4 and .8 sorry I was thinking about Dark Choco pcts


The Creme Anglaise sounds wonderful. I really should get over to Chefs Flavours again and get the FA Premium, too. Think I’ll wait till after the holidays. Shipping is squirrelly right now.


You could get it at River Supply


TY my friend.


How’s that Flavorah sweet coconut? I thought a little coconut could work well with custards but the ones I have are either not present enough on low percentages and too strong with higher percentages. I never found a percentage I was happy with. I’ve tried TPA Coconut Extra, FA coconut, FW and CAP coconut. TPA cocnut extra had to be stored double bagged and still stank out the drawer I keep the flavors.
Funny enough the nicest “hint” of coconut I found in a flavoring so far was in TPA cheesecake graham crust. It’s definately there without being too strong.


Go figure right ??

@Bad_Influence, the FLV Sweet Coconut was great, but seemed to carry the (duh) sweet, and higher end notes. Not that it was lacking, but that’s where it excelled. Unless you’ve got a holy coco grail, I’m thinking it’ll always take a ONE-TWO punch, like …


Have you tried Coconut Cookies INW? I like adding coconut to my custard, too and have had the same problem as you…too much or not enough. When I started combining FA Coco with FLV Sweet Coco I got a better balance. I used a 2:1 ratio, FA:FLV. NY Cheesecake (PUR) has coconut undertones. Check out the notes and you’ll see it mentioned by some. I noticed it. It will eventually steep out, though.