First "successful" build on an RDA! (pre-made coils & learning to build my own)

I finally got an RDA successfully coiled, and it is a world of difference!
The guys at my local shop recommended the Druga RDA, so I picked it up and they gave me some SS fused claptons to try out. It was a bit of a task, and it ain’t pretty, but they are firing together nicely, and sitting right at .3ohms. This thing has such a smooth airflow with just the right resistance, even with airflow at max.
My first attempt was a Freak Show by wotofu and it was just too small for my big fingers to deal with.

Pretty exciting to finally take a smooth pull from one of these things. Hello, flavor!! I can’t wait to get a nice mod to go with this Druga. Looking at the Evolve DNA chip-based mods, but still undecided.

A couple of questions:

  1. With this set up, my first try tonight caused an atomizer short warning. Good to know this device has safety built in, but it was weird because nothing seemed to be touching where it shouldn’t! Leads were snipped with just a little sticking out of the posts, coils were free and clear. It was fine after I reseated them, but what could have caused that? (Probably hard to tell me without seeing it as it was when the short happened, just looking for general causes)
  2. Using SS in wattage mode, because eleaf tc100w probably doesn’t do tc very well, and I’m more comfortable with wattage mode, anyway… should the wattage setting for SS be the same as kanthal because ohms are ohms? Or, would SS act differently?

Thanks for providing such a great community! I appreciate all of you.


Good job! Same setting for Watts mode.


Your build doesn’t look bad at all and the more you coil, wick, learn, the better your vaping experience will be.

Question 1
Several possibilities. One post is your negative post and one is positive. If the coil is touching where it shouldn’t be could cause an issue.

You want the coils as close to the air flow as possible. But it is a fine line. You get them too far to the edge and they can touch your top cap when you put it on. This is the most likely scenario. Also after you pulse and get your coils burning properly, double and triple check that your post screws are firmly tightened down.

Question 2

SS is going to have a lower resistance. Not sure if I can answer your question properly or not so I will let someone else chime in.

Here is how it works for me though. I use PWM mods. A .5 kanthal build can be run between 5-7 volts. I can’t normally get a dual coil SS build to .5. So my builds in SS need to be run at 2.5-4 volts. I hope that doesn’t confuse you. You may be able to run the SS at the same watts but your voltage,may be different if that makes sense.


To add to what @TheTinMan1said:

  1. SS heats up a bit quicker but it also runs much cooler, a lot cooler. You will have to find the right combination of draw time, airflow and power that works best for you as it is different for many people. @ 70w (75w 1.5s preheat) running dual 316L 26g 3.5mm coils my avg draw is appx 3 seconds with my troll v2 and wide open airflow which makes it pretty much unrestricted.

Hope that helps a bit and grats to you. :slight_smile:


That looks great! Keep it up you will get better with every build!


The short could be just the combo of your RDA and mod and have nothing to do with the build you have. I have a similar issue with a goon and a Wismec RX. If I unscrew and rescrew the error is gone and a few minutes later it may pop up again. If I take the same rda on a different mod, no issues.
I don’t know the Druga RDA, but from what I can see on pictures, the positive pin is just protruding ever so slightly and maybe that’s the reason for your short error.

Try it on a different mod and see how it goes.

Your build looks pretty decent. You can easily space your coils a bit more as well so you don’t have to bend the legs to reach the posts. There are plenty vids on YT that show you how to perfectly space coils (it’s easy and you won’t ever have hotspots).

As for wattage mode… for me personally, with a build like this I start of with 40-50W and crank it up to the point where I like the vape. Whatever material coils you use or whatever your wattage says, your vape has to be enjoyable and that’s all that matters. Start low and build up. It depends on your juice as well, with the same setup, some juices may taste better or worse at different wattages.


Thanks for the pro tips, everyone! That does make it easier to understand.


That’s a known issue with the Rx. I do the same thing you do and unscrew it and then put it back. Fixed! Lol

As for wattage, I always start with whatever watts fire it at 4.2 volts. That’s usually the best spot and I adjust from there depending on the RBA or tank.


Great job. The vape world is now truly open to you. Welcome to the rabbit hole - have a carrot.


Thanks! I’m already plotting my next move. I’m going to need an RDTA, for sure. Thanks for the carrot!


Dude check out rta for 3-8 bucks each!


This was what popped up when I hit the tank menu at ecigity. Did I miss the real link?


Think it should be


That’s the one, thanks!


Sorry didn’t mean to post a bad link.

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All good, my man! At least, now i know where to go if I need an ambercrumby and fish tank top! Thank you for the tip.


Your welcome several of us have bought a bunch of tanks. Don’t for get the 10% off code 10percentoff


Yes we did. And my 8 tank order was marked shipped in a few hours. Just ordered yesterday, expected delivery Friday 9/1, Honolulu Hawaii to California


I laughed when I saw where they where coming from.


Congratulations on your first successful build. It must feel awesome to get great flavor and a smooth pull the 1st go around. 7 wraps look like that fit pretty well. What mm are those SS coils?

I don’t have the Druga, but it looks like you have enough space on the build deck to play around with your coils. Are you going to purchase any SS pre-made wire and get yourself a DIY coil kit?