First Thoughts on GeekVape Avacado

Hi guys,

I bought the avacado as an impulse buy without looking at the reviews to see. . .there is no easy way to fill it. But I went ahead and bought some needle tipped bottles, which ariived yesterday. . .after about a month. Amazon is getting as bad as Fastech and both ship from the same place it seems these days.

Anyway, I built it up 22ga Ti 7 wraps spaced, dual coil, hemp. If you build it as a single coil you’ll have fill ports…but single coil ain’t me. Anyway, the wick breaking period was a little long because it takes at least double the wick of an RDA.

So some of you know I’ve been on a TC RDA kick for the last month or so, it started with the Mutation xs v4, then the superb Alliance V2+ and now this thing comes along. Hot Damn! This thing is like a dripper that just keeps going. I know those words have been uttered on here countless times.

So let me put it this way, my wife has been perfectly OK with all my vaping for going on 3 years, we’ve necer had an issue. She came home as I was refilling for the third time and opened all the windows. She said it was ridiculous. So that should give you an idea of the clouds this thing blows. I’m really impressed but even if I drill a fill hole this thing will still suck to fill and require needle tipped bottles. It’s my understanding the newer version has a fill port. As far as flavor goes, it’s right there with the Alliance, so a touch below the Mutation xs, the only tank that comes close to those on flavor is the Bellus…but the vapor production is absolutely nuts. It beats the Boreas tank hands down. It’s like a tank in that it doesn’t spit, at all, zero in three tank full so far. I had it on Reuleaux and had to turn it up to the full 200W, 520F…I normally vape at 390F, 100w.


I forgot to add, this is the only velocity style deck atty that has produced any decent flavor for me. I compared it side by side with the same juice to the Bellus and they’re pretty close. The Avacado just produces so much more vapor. The 3ml tank means you’re filling it slightly less frequently than a deep RDA like the Alliance.

I was wondering about this one. Thanks for the info! For the time being, I’ll pass on it only because I don’t like having to use needle tip bottles. Of course if and when the price drops significantly, I’ll probably pick one up just cuz you mentioned the clouds…

I got mine for 10-$15 but can’t remember where. It’s been awhile. The 24 mm version is supposed to have a fill port, I’ll be picking it up too

I don’t really care for how the AFC adjusts either, it is harder to turn than the top cap which means to do it right, it’s a 2 handed operation. But still, it was worth what I paid for sure.

The wide bore plastic drip tip is rad. But to remove the tank for cleaning you have to unscrew the positive pin and there is a tiny little lock nut is very easy to loose. This tank is kinda average, but it gets there by being really awesome at some things and sucking at others. It’s hard to speak about it in other terms.

@therabidweasel I have only used mine with single coils, and it kicks serious ass, although the air flow is a little tight, but doable. The next build, or the build in the spare one, will be dual coil, and the air flow will be fine.
Single coil is easy to fill, and I use a dispensing bottle [cone top with red cap].
Joy has been using hers for days/weeks with a dual coil, and fills it with a dropper just pushing the dropper tip in alongside the cotton, and filling the tank. She says it’s easy.
Tip: After a good hit, turn it completely upside down for a second or two…it will wick the wick.[and not leak]
There is no reason to put the wicking far down in the tank, an eighth inch is sufficient, and it will allow your tank to hold more juice. Just turn it 180 degrees, completely upside down, the juice will saturate the wick.
I use rayon and it wicks fast. Take a big hit, turn it upside down…get in the habit. Your wicking will determine if you need to invert it each time. Make sense?

True if using cotton or rayon, but with hemp it doesn’t clog the holes unless your coil is also that big ID. So, no cloggy holes and will definitely dump your juice. The tutorial that I saw also said you dont want to clog up the holes or it would prevent it from wicking. I’ll have to see how long the long wicks will last, with hemp they typically gum up after many weeks and then I have to change. I’m hoping being continually immersed will make them last longer.

Ive been having problems with the atomizer resistance jumping around. After about 6 fills now. I can’t figure it out. All the screws have been retightened…any ideas?

Yep, me too. The first coil I made I had to remove before any wicking, and throw away…the second one was jumping around,then settled down.
I saw a video on the Avocado 22 that he had the same problem and had to take his all the way apart and re-assemble to get it to work. I did the same thing when it was new, and it still jumped around, but settled down…kinda like it had to break in. I haven’t opened my spare one, so we’ll see how it reacts at that time.

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