First time here. Need some advice please

Been using an e-cig for about 2 year now. Before that smoked cigs for 32 years. I haven’t had a cig since I started using my e-cig!! I found what I liked right away. 70 pg 30 vg. mint flavor. 12 nicotine. The shop I bought this pre mix from isn’t making custom orders any longer. Sooooo, I’ve decided to try myself. I am terrible at math. I bought the pg and vg. Found a creme de mint flavor. and am ordering Nicotine (100 mg 50/50) I want to mix in a 126 ml bottle. Can anyone help me so that I don’t poison myself? lol. I will be using a dropper or syringe for measuring. Thank you so very much!! This seems like a great site. I am enjoying reading the different topic’s.


Hi Stac… have you tried clicking on ‘Create Recipe’ yet? You fill out the form there and when you click ‘save’, the results show you how much of each ingredient to use in your recipe.

Oh, and congrats on quitting!! I smoke for 40 years and just quit in Jan by vaping too. Rock on!


Also, you can click on the link ‘ELR Home’ and see all of the recipes that other people are sharing. In the search bar there, try putting in ‘creme de mint’ and you’ll see the resulting recipes that are using it. Have fun!!


Hi Alisa. I did try that and did pretty well until it asked me about % of flavor. I have no idea how much flavor is normal to use. I never heard that % mentioned when I bought my juice from a shop.

Depends on the vendor. What creme de mint vendor are you purchasing ?

I believe any beginner should start off by getting a scale and mixing by weight, especially if you are intending on mixing that much on your first go round. I believe it is much more accurate and saves frustration on the clean-up! Either way you decide to go, please take all safety precautions when handling the nicotine, including the goggles! and please use the syringe, not the dropper. Before you do mix, go play with the calculator, pretend, think about what you are doing, if you come up with any questions, be as specific as possible, and enjoy! And welcome Home.

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Thank you both very much. Jaybird. You are right. I think I will start small and work my way up. I bought my vapor in the large bottles before because I knew I liked it. It may take me a while to find what I like when making my own.
Alisa. I am buying from “My Freedom Smokes” I ordered my other supplies from them as well. I have never bought this stuff before and they seemed to have good reviews.
Congrats on your quitting as well!!

You might consider mixing up a 10 or 15 ml batch first, let it sit for a couple of days (steep), shaking it every day and then test it out to see if you have hit your mark on the flavor. This is typically what folks do, so as not to waste a bunch of flavorings and nicotine.


By vendors she means who makes it ie. Capella, Flavorart, the Flavor Apprentice, not who sells it, easy mistake… look at some recipes, and notice the ingredients, when you click on them it will take you to a page that gives more info, including an average percent to use as a reference.

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Thank you Jaybird. It is Flavor Apprentice.

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Thank you JimK. You are very right.

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There are spreadsheets for flavor starting percentages floating around the Internet. There’s one listed in the resource page on ELR. Most of these spreadsheets should be taken with a grain of salt. Taste is subjective. From what I see, 5% for Creme de menthe is a good start point. I’ve not used TPA creme de menthe, so I can’t say for sure. However, take a look around the web and ELR recipes and see what you find.

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You’ve all been very helpful. Thank you for not making me feel like a dim bulb. :slight_smile: I’ll let you know how this turns out.

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You’ll find this forum super helpful and non- judgmental. It’s the way we roll.

Better living through being a nice human being!


I apologize if I’m telling you something you already know but will put it here for any others that might stumble across this thread. Nicotine is poison at high doses! It is also absorbed through the skin so when working with high strengths such as 100 mg, safety is of utmost importance. Goggles, gloves, and covered skin are a must. And if you do spill, especially on yourself, clean up immediately!

Personally, I wouldn’t play with 100mg nicotine. I would keep it under 50 mg because I’m clumsy and will spill. :smile: Since you want 12 mg, I would either go with 36 mg or 48 mg as it’s a multiple of 12. I know the math won’t come out exactly right because of the flavors but it will be close and easy to calculate.

Just my two cents. Be safe.


Not to keep harping on the safety issue but…be very careful of spills especially if you have children or pets around. Nicotine has an alluring taste that can poison easily. The only time I’ve worked with 100mg nic, I did it in the garage with a cheap plastic shower liner on the floor and hosed the whole area down afterwards. It may sound like overkill but I’ve read what this stuff can do. I now just buy the 24 or 36mg premix. I’m not as paranoid around it.

Aside from that, have a good time and if you “mess” one up, always ask if there is a fix. These guys know a ton of helpful tips that may save a bottle. If you want a decent juice calculator that you can use off line, search “ejuice me up”. They have an easy to use calculator that I find quite helpful. It comes with some recipes and some are decent and others are “meh”.


I know this is old, but I have to say… YOU NAILED IT!! :+1:

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