First time making recipes

Hi All

So, I have been DIYing for a while, and I never had any problems so far, with the right steeping and right percentages, my recipes have been good so far. Now all the DIY was based on single flavor recipes, and I am confident enough to move to try mixed flavor recipes. Problem is I dont know which flavors to buy so that it can be used in other recipes too :(. Any recommendation for starters ?

Pick out some of the top rated recipies. Ones that you think you will like and go from there.

Don’t forget. Take the one single flavor you like. Use the search function. Then scroll down to recpies. Then sort by highest rated recpies.

You don’t have to stick exactly people’s recpies. But you will start to see patterns. Like what lot of people add to a specific fruit. Like peach FA to juicy peach cap. And so on.

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Try mixing your purchases up a bit with different vendors. Make sure you know what you’re buying by researching and comparing your flavor choices.

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You can also look at what people are putting with a flavor you like on it’s details page. Just click on the box that says “Most Commonly Used With…”