First time recipe post, try it with me!

Hi everyone! Never posted a recipe here or got involved much. Can’t find the time. Well I am making time now. Posted my 1st recipe that I am about to mix for the 1st time. Just grabbed a few concentrates and slapped some numbers up…now it’s time to get down :slight_smile:


Welcome, enjoy your journey and have FUN !!


Welcome Donny!

Welcome and enjoy the information

well? how was it?


This looks close to something I might try.
I’ve been tooling around with purchasing a blackcurrant flavor to mix with my berry recipes.
When it’s ready please post how this turned out.
I’m curious if the blackcurrant gives the blueberry a deeper note or overpowers it.

I’ve been mixing with black currant for an Italian cream pastry and it taste great after steeping . Hearty and sweet not blueberryish

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This blend came out ok for an amateur such as myself. I did post this a long time ago and probably still an amateur hack :wink: I would definitely change some things around. I think it is time for a fresh post! Happy mixing everyone!

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