First trial of e liquid need your advice

Dear All,

i tried some single flavours and need your advice for some mixing ideas and my flavours as follows:-

1- Espresso Dea 250ml (4ml flavour / 100 ml base)
2- Milk Dea 100 ml (3ml flavour / 100 ml base)
3- Hazelnuts Dea 200 ml (3ml / 100 ml base)
4- bavarian cream 400ml (7.5ml / 100 ml base)
5-Graham cracker 150ml (9ml / 100ml base)
6- Desert Ship 400ml (2.5 ml flavour/ 100 base)
7- RY4 Flavour Art 150ml (4 ml flavour / 100 ml base)
8- Boston Pie Cream Cap 100ml ( 13ml flavour / 100 ml base)
9- blackberry cap 200ml (6.5ml flavour / 100 ml base)
10- Nuts Mix flavour art 300 ml ( 3ml flavour / 100 ml base)
11- Cramel V2 Cap 200ml ( 6.5 ml flavour/ 100 ml base)
12- Irish Cream FA 300 ml ( 3.3 ml flavour / 10 ml base)
13- Mint Dea 3ml / 100 ml base
14- Lemon flavour art 4 ml/ 100 ml base
15- Vanilla Custard v2 10 ml flavours / 100 ml base

Kindly note most of bases 70 vg 30 pg with 3 mg nicotine

need your advices for some good mixing taste

many thanks

You have some good combinations available to you there. The graham cracker, bavarian cream, one of the nuts, and blackberry could go together for example. The lemon and mint could be mixed to make a nice flavor combo. Maybe toss some blackberry in with it as well. I don’t mix many single flavors. But it is interesting to me how this could work to come up with recipes. If I were to do this I would get me a small bottle and add a few ml of these juices to it and just try different combinations to see what works. You could start off mixing a couple, one on either side of a dual coil dripper and see how they pair together. Once you find a couple you like add them together in a bottle. Drip that mix on one coil and another flavor on the other to try a 3 flavor mix. Once you find 3 that work good add them to a bottle and repeat the process. Just an idea.


Thanks bro I will try and give you my feed back

What jumps out to me in your list as a combo would be. ry4, graham cracker, Bavarian cream, perhaps a touch of caramel to sweeten things up and/or nut mix to give it a bit more of an earthy tone. The cream could be replaced with custard or perhaps boston pie, not sure about the latter, never used it.
But i would suggest to take notes of what you taste out of each single flavor. if you have the patience for it. it helps me just writing things down i tend to remember better, but it’s nice to look back and see which watermelon was the most candy like, or most true to form (for example). At anyrate, what ever ya do to keep the mixin up, I wish ya luck with it mang.

Question. Did you really mix all these at the quantity stated? I’m positive you can make use of it all by using what you have but this to me seems a bit over the top. To each their own but I highly recommend using your flavor concentrates as you mix recipes. Perhaps you have a plan and I’m just being too frugal.

no , of course am not gonna mix them all up but , i would like anybody to recommend a recipe compines from some of the above stated liquids , that tried by any of you before .

I would add your flavors you have into the flavor stash and search the available recipes that way. I’m sure there will be something using some of the flavors you have. It will also give you an idea of the working ratio’s of particular flavors, hope that helps.

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Done with many thanks