First try at DIY

Well, I have made my first juice. I was tempted to to try it immediately, but took the time to let it steep for a few days.
MY first attempt was a personal creation I call Kahlua Black. It is a Blackberry, Kahlua and Bavarian creme concoction. Initially the blackberry smelled overwhelming, which was part of the reason I chose to wait and let it mature.
On the front end, there is a creamy blackberry flavor that has a nice mellow flavor and scent. On the back end the Kahlua comes through and finishes it off nicely.
I would consider this a success. Now I just can’t wait to order more flavorings. I can see how this could become addictive.


Congrats on your first mix! Also for reminding me i need some blackberry. Mind sharing vendors and %'s used? This sounds very good to me and id love to give it a try.

Hi Ken,
I guess I should have included the information… my mistake.

Bavarian Cream (LA) 6%
Blackberry (Extra) (TPA) 8%
Kahlua and Cream Type (TPA) 6%

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That sounds perfect, ill order the blackberry and kahlua tonight. Too bad they dont do addons for orders as i have 16 4oz bottles waiting to ship from TFA. Thanks again for sharing, looking forward to giving this a try.

Congrats! Blackberry is very strong and very perfumey - I haven’t tried TPA, but I know others say so. And most blackberries are the same way. For me the perfumeyness dissipates after about a weeks steeping. I do think, however that 8% is very high. I would try cutting it in half (the median in recipes is 4% based on 40 recipes) :smile: Just a suggestion of course - If you like it as it is, then you should keep it like that! :smiley:

Arnie’s Black and Blue is VERY good! (7% Blackberry)

I make a Black and Yellow mix which I keep at 5% Blackberry. (Was a private recipe, but now available)

I’ve never had a problem with blackberry (TPA) tasting chemically, but I also use it a a blender more than a base…

@Arnie If you ever come up with a pineapple cherry, please share it :smile: (I just can’t nail this one down)


Looks delicious, ill have to give it a try when i get the BB. Thanks for sharing!

Yes, but isn’t Blackberry (Extra) stronger than regular Blackberry? (I’ve no idea about those TPA-flavors)…

I also have a Blackberry recipe that’s pretty new and I’m enjoying.
Keoke BlackBerry Chocolate Parfait

For a first try, that sounds quite tasty. Congrats…

That is correct as far as I know…

Oh my, Don3. I see you’re bitching a bit about mixing with cherry as well. Actually just wanted to mention that Flavor West is slowly but surely releasing there natural fruit line. So far I have the Blackberry, Raspberry, and the Mango. It appears to be more concentrated and the bomb as for flavor. Absolutely, positively, no chemical taste, yeah…

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Daath, I am using a 30/70 ratio which may account for a little higher percentage. I could be wrong, being I am so new to the whole thing…

Nice! I will look into ordering some of those. Just starting to get into FW lately… Very familiar with TPA, and hope to be getting into Capella soon…

I have appx 25 CAP flavorings, many of them are awesome and a few totally suck unless mixed with flavoring from another vendor. Grenadine (CAP) is one flavoring i despise, ive never mixed with it i have only put a drop into 1oz of water. Took me an hour and a tongue scraping to get rid of that taste. Cap Vanilla Custard is my favorite, i use a lot of it. I have been using their stuff for over a year and have learned to stay away from the V2 or RF flavors, they are never as good as the original, in my opinion.

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A lot of my mixes are max VG, and I think it still holds true - I can detect a distinct perfumeyness at 0.5% Blackberry (FA) - it dissipates after a week though :smile:

@Don3 Thanks for the feedback on the Black and Blue, and I will have a look at your Black and Yellow which sounds interesting, thanks for sharing it publicly. A pineapple cherry would probably be a battle of strong flavors but worth trying.

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