Fizzy flavors?

Like fizzy Cola, fizzy sherbert, I keep buying them and never get a fizzy taste!? I expect a sensation of fizzy soda, like the cool sensation of ws23, but never get anything? I figure my taste buds are bad bc of smoking for those years but that’d be true for lot of us here. Am I missing something, I know it can’t be literally fizzy just like tobacco can’t taste like burning tobacco but? Anyone with a pure fizzy additive, or know what the ingredient is?

I love both the sherbert and Cola but that’s all I get from them, even an old champagne I had, is there a sensation that anykone else gets and would describe?


I don’t get anything from champagne, fizz pop, or fizzy sherbert. However, CAP lemon-lime seems to me to have a bit of a tongue tingling fizzy sensation to it.


FLV Citrus Soda at 2 and up…INW Lemon Kick as well should help you in your quest