Flav suggestion

Is it sweet or sour

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Click Here >>>> Red Touch Strawberry FA

Then scroll down to the notes section for users comments.

It’s a great natural ripe tasting strawberry.
Give the bottle a good shake before adding.
This was a tip from HIC notes.

Yup. The HIC notes are spot on. Totally shake the hell out of it. I also like the add a touch of strawberry ripe tpa 2% to round out the flavor. And .05 or less rassberry FA to make it pop all the way.

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It’s both and it’s darn tasty!

Perhaps my favorite Strawberry flavor.

As scooby would say. “Rut’roo”. Who said favorite strawberry. Lol.


thanks all

No thanks needed. Someone once said… Sharing is caring. And knowing is half the battle. That’s the best part of the forum.

Hope you got what you needed.

Yes I got it
Love you all