Flavor abbreviations - I'm confused

In Reddit’s FOTW (Cocoa) someone mentioned a FE flavor, and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the hell company FE was. I looked at the Abbreviation List under ELR’s Resources page and I remembered it was for Flavors Express. But in parentheses after Flavors Express it says (Flavor Jungle). But I looked lower down in the abbreviation list, and there’s a JF, which it says is for Jungle Flavors.

Now for part where I’m confused. Which is correct? I looked up flavors using FE, Flavor Jungle, Jungle Flavors, and JF. There are non-overlapping results for all of them with a lot of recipes except for Flavor Jungle. Aren’t they the same company?


Flavor Jungle is a different company than Flavors Express…, FlavorJungle just calls it FlavorExpress…, It(FE) is the same as (SC) tht BullCity carries It’s from a Chinese manufacturer, IIRC!


That I did not know. Thanks.


@St3v0 covered the basics of the madness over the Flavor Jungle moniker. It’s a mental issue and I just brush it off by saying that ‘Jungle is massive’.


A while back the Jungle Flavors website was flavorsexpress. Now they sell both JF and FE. I’m still a little confused, honestly. Is there even an FE cocoa? I have JF Cocoa. I thought it was pretty good instant cocoa but it’s the only flavor like that I have so no comparison.


That’s confusing as hell, because going by the Abbreviation List:
ECX ecigExpress (Flavor Jungle)
FE Flavors Express (Flavor Jungle)
SC Super Concentrated

But I do recall something about the SC thing, though. FE Sweet Rice is the same as SC Sweet Rice. I’ve got a note somewhere saying they can be used 1:1.


I thought the site used to be eCigExpress and they renamed themselves to distance themselves from vaping (it was after one of the many bans - I’ve lost track). :roll_eyes:

I didn’t realize they’re selling both JF and FE flavors. That’s too damned confusing. Maybe they’re different lines? Or perhaps the flavors are before and after they renamed their site and they didn’t want to change their designations? Hell, I don’t know! But from what I can tell, there’s just a Cocoa (Jungle Flavors) and not a Cocoa (FE).

Were you saying the Cocoa (Jungle Flavors) was the only Cocoa you’ve got, or the only Cocoa that tastes like instant cocoa? Either way, you might want to check out Reddit’s FOTW to see what people are saying about different Cocoas and Chocolates. Flavor of the Week - Cocoa


Yup. That’s how confused I am. You’re right about the website name. I’d forgotten/misremembered whatever. They do sell both there still. It’s only confusing when you leave the site and try to figure out what you’ve got. On their site it’s just two different vendors to buy from, sorted separately. It’s when you try to add your new flavor to your stash that the head scratching begins.
I’m not actually shopping for cocoa. I’ve got other chocolates but that’s the only cocoa. My only point there was that it’s not bad, since it was the original flavor mentioned in this comment. Totally decent instant cocoa flavor, but I can’t personally say it’s best since I’ve only ever bought that one.


Yeah, no doubt! I don’t understand the reason for the different brands when they’re really the same, as far as I can tell.

So, JF = FE = SC. Have I got that right? :confused:


No. :rofl:

*I have read on forums, so possibly

Happy to be corrected if anyone knows exactly.


I absolutely agree with you.
The brand abbreviation list was created for the purposes of deciphering who made what, who sold what, etc.

Partly for being able to assist in making sense of the abbreviations that were ‘understood’ (accepted as the norm) by established mixers.
Partly to assist in figuring out new additions (at the time) that were being added to the database.
As well as have a running historical perspective of what is still current, vs what has changed, or become obsolete or even defunct (out of business).

ECX was the only place that sold FE, before it was established that the line was actually SC.

Then ECX rebranded themselves (similar to what Nicotine River and Bull City Vapors did) to become Flavor Jungle.
They couldn’t use Jungle Flavors, as it could (still does for some I’m sure) cause confusion for obvious reasons.

But, while it couldn’t hurt to do an update about this in that thread (or original post), I did mention at the very top of that post that it was primarily intended to be a resource to decipher the state of things. Not to reinforce the acronyms that you sometimes run across. :wink:

Old entries such as the ones you mention, should be thought of as historical entries (as they will continue to remain).

Any current product should be found under Jungle Flavors or SC (Super Concentrates).
FE is still grey area. It’s perfectly acceptable under ECX or SC.

One note though:
Flavor Jungle /= Jungle Flavors



Jungle Flavors is a European flavor company.

Flavor Jungle is a US vendor (reseller) that used to sell a variety of brands.

Flavor Express was a ‘house brand’ sold by ECX (now flavor jungle) which was later pointed out to be SC Concentrates (from China).


No freaking wonder I was confused. Of all the names to choose, they picked that? What were they thinking? Were they thinking? :thinking: :confused: