Flavor at 40%?

So I have been looking around for a recipe for Cottontail Cream by Lost Flavor Arts, and I ran across this recipe by TheTartanSpartan on Planet of the Vapes http://tjek.nu/r/2150. Am I crazy or does 40% seem way to high. If anyone has anything close to Cottontail Cream or any ideas, I would be grateful.

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Even if the weakest flavors were used I would think 40% flavoring would curl the hair on your toes. Perhaps this was made by one of those people who have trouble tasting anything, or it’s a joke recipe. I’m not laughing though…

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It’s not totally uncommon. I would never ever mix that at those percentages though. But to each his/her own I guess.

Can’t see the recipe. Can you unmarked as private please?

I made the recipe public…let me know what you think

That looks bonkers. Sweet Cream at 15%?! Avg. % is 3% and median is 2% :smiley:

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Well it looks like I’m not crazy then, not sure if I should try to adapt the recipe or start from scratch.

More like Cottontail Rocket Fuel at those ratios…


That high of sweet cream is gonna taste like cottage cheese gross :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess you could use it as inspiration. To stay fairly close to the idea I’d start with something like:

1.5% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
6% Strawberry (TPA)
2.5% Sweet Cream (TPA)
6% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)

Flavor total: 16%

I might even drop the sweet strawberry to 5%, but that might just be me :smile:

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Looks like someone REALLY likes strawberries and cream, nuff said…

How true to strawberry is this flavor? I only have the Strawberry Ripe (TPA). It seems pretty close to true ripe strawberries. Just happen to be blending with it today in a new creation…

Not very true, as far as I can remember it is a bit candy like - Ripe is good, and FA’s is good. Sweet Strawberry is very synthetic candy like to me, but it’s still fairly good :smile:

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Thanks daath I will start out from here and adjust as needed