Flavor Bases suggestions

Hi there,

Been a using this site for a while and it just keeps getting better. First time in the forums, not sure if there are other devs but Daath you do an awesome job keeping the place running and updated.

Now that I have nailed down a few recipes that are ADV-worthy, I want to create some bulk Flavour Bases… Yes, I see the tool for that in my recipes, yes it’s excellent but…

  1. I’d love to be able to save a base as a type of concentrate, perhaps with an attribute so that the flavour database doesn’t fill with bases, and that keeps bases private. The goal here is that I can start a new recipe, add X% of base Y and the math is worked out for me. Some examples would be something like Milkstone, which is really a flavour base that you’ll add to a recipe and then build upon with additional concentrates, same can be said of any cream-base.

  2. Specific-gravity of a flavour base - doing the above would be good, and it would be even better if the site worked out the SG for your newly created base by using the SG of the individual components. Honestly, IDK if it can be worked out like this mathematically…

Hopefully I’ve made this clear enough. Love to hear some feedback or maybe someone has their own way around working with their own bases in recipes.

Thanks guys and happy new year!

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Hi @zirophyz

Welcome! Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I am the only dev at the moment - hands are full! :wink:

I’m not sure exactly what you want to achieve… You can just make a bottle of flavor base and add a new flavor to your stash, like “Some Recipe (base)” - then you can use that as a flavor in your new recipes… Only problem is that it is missing the SG, as you mention. I can enrich the flavor base page to show you the SG of the resulting flavor, but until then, you can do it yourself quite easily:

Let’s take the original Milkstone by @et3rn1ty:

  • 25% PG - SG: 1.036
  • 45% Bavarian Cream (TPA) - SG: 1.068
  • 20% Coconut Extra (TPA) - SG: 1.022
  • 10% Sweet Cream (TPA) - SG: 1.04

The specific gravity for your base would then be: (0.25 * 1.036) + (0.45 * 1.068) + (0.2 * 1.022) + (0.1 * 1.04) = 1.048 g/ml

You can then input that specific gravity in your stash on the flavor :slightly_smiling:

I hope this helps!


HI @daath,

Thank you so much - this fulfils what I wanted to do exactly! Sorry about the late reply.

I really appreciate you explaining the method and doing the math example for me.

And, can’t be said enough but this site is really well done, especially for a single person. I found the site many moons ago, missing a lot of the features it has today and was excellent back then - now it just always surpasses expectations with each new batch of updates.

Keep up the hard work, mate!

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