Flavor boosting?

What do u guys do when u want the recipe boosted? Just up it a percent or what? I know at shops u can ask for a flavor boost but never actually thought of what they did to do so.

Well the one guy I know that runs an ejuice business literally just adds more of the flavour base
So double is just what it says instead of being 10% flavour its 20%… (id be careful with how much you boost it by though as it could be too much of a good thing and become tasteless or gross)


Short answer. Yes. Before I go to bed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At the shops that have premade flavor bases and you say, yes I want a boost they add a percent or two of the flavor.

For some ex smokers they need more flavoring to be able to taste their juice. Once you get further away from smoking and your sense of taste comes back many of the same juices taste over flavored or overly sweet.

In the relem of DIY. Many of us talk about getting the flavor to pop. A touch of rassberry to pop strawberry. Lemon Sicily to pop other fruits. Maybe cucumber to add juiciness or other element. The list goes on and on. This is when you know you’ve caught the DIY disease.

There are thing like mts FA and the like as well.


I have started to do the strawberry raspberry thing my self now I realize after being in this forum it’s comin…just like cooking u need a compliment. Lol


And I haven’t even done any base flavors yet. Don’t even know where to begin.

what do you suggest on the raspberry percentsge wise to make a strawberry pop , i usually add medicine flower strwberry , to other straws to give it a little something extra ,

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I have been just doing a percent to half a percent lower of either one which ever u need more prominent is more.

so if i have 6% straw ripe , i add 5 to 5.5 of rasp, or .5 to 1 of rasp

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That’s what I do. Don’t know about the pros on here. Probably tomorrow hopefully see more people suggestions on here.

Since I only have rassberry FA I use just 0.25 to 0.5. Less is more. You are trying to not add rassberry flavoring, your trying to lift up the red flavoring.

Sometimes when working with a less than desirable fruity mix I just add acouple drops…0.05 to 0.07 grams…which for me and my little bottles from ecx is 3-4 drops.


perfect ty , ordered a couple different raspberry flavors when i first got into diy , thinking it would be a great flavor , but i havent been a fan so this is a perfect way to get rid of these flaves , unless my tayberry ice cream comes out good id never use rasp for much , btw a tayberry is a mix of black berry and red rasp , its one of my favorite berries and love it in jam and shakes lol


Let me know when u get it all set I wana try it ! Sounds good !

Also quick pick me ups for fruits to help em’ pop is sour at 1-2%. Cactus INW at 1drop per 10 Mls also champagne TFA helps at times.

I’ll do the 1-2 drops of raspberry for a SB that’s flat but mostly I tend to go w/ ripe & then a sweet SB and it tends to help it out w/o having to do the extra raspberry.

Bilberry FA 1 drop for a flat Blueberry or I do the typical use wild & extra for a better more realistic BB. More extra than wild and usually not too far off from each other works just fine like 3.75 extra and 3.25 wild since they’re a little weak.


i will ty , im trying to get the right mixture between the two berries , i will keep ya posted


So much information…error…errroooorr…eeeeeerrrrooorrr… eroerororrrroooeeer

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Personally? Don’t even worry about it or try to.

They’ll happen naturally as you’re doing your single (and then soon after, dual) flavor tests… Invariably, you’ll find that as you progress, when you get near the end of a standalone flavor ‘test bottle’ there’ll be enough left over, that you end up mixing it with another, just to fill a tank to vape on. That’s when those moments sometimes become ‘magical’! You’ll hit two (sometimes more) that work really well together, and you already know the percentages (or can know -depending on how well you take/keep notes) of what you mixed.

a tad left in test bottle #1 was 4% raspberry
(and you mixed that in equal amounts with what was left in:)
the tad bit of test bottle #6 which was 8% strawberry…

So you then know that a 2:1 ratio of Strawberry to Raspberry turned out to be a ‘kickin’ combo! :wink:
Voila! A new ‘simple base flavor’ is born!

The only catch is, sometimes those ratios wont be right when mixed together to start with. Because some flavors overpower others, or some fade with time…even though they were strong to start with.

Most of all: Enjoy the journey, but take good notes (this will usually be your saving grace), as there are some winding paths!!

Some lead to great places, others in circles, and some straight to the sink/toilet.

EDIT: Apologies if you’re already beyond this, but the statement I quoted kinda led me to think what I posted, since to me it’s kind of a natural progression from one phase to the next! (At least in my approach! lol)


This info is the kind of stuff you want to be saving in a notes folder labeled flavoring tips and tricks. That is what I do. Whenever I see something I like, in it goes. Then I can refer to it anytime :slight_smile:

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Start with 1% increase except with Cactus and Coffee. With those two guys… start with drops or you’ll be very sorry.

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No no don’t be sorry man…I have only been actually mixing since begetting of last month. So the more info the better. I retain it all and take notes all the time…I need to compile my notes…have them everywhere…he’ll I need to compile all I have read on here…lol


I noticed also mixing certain recipes has been phenomenal. But there’s a loot of flavors in each…lol